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5 Disadvantages of E-Learning

disadvantages of elearningAlthough there are new colleges popping up on the internet every day, there are many disadvantages of E-Learning schools, and disadvantages with the ELearning process.

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The first and most common problem that students have a majority of the time is that they don’t do the work.

They don’t have to go to school, so they aren’t going to be confronted by anyone about missing class, and they don’t have to answer to anyone when they don’t hand in their assignments.

Commitment is a huge quality you must possess to study online, and this is the problem for most people.

Another disadvantage with the ELearning process is that although you can get a degree from them you can’t get them from anyone else with their credits. Many schools don’t take transfer credits from the different ELearning programs that are available, because they don’t believe that the quality of education is the same through the online schools as it is from a traditional university.

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If you want to switch your career goals or your area of study anywhere you may not be able to with the ELearning credits. You also don’t learn as much with E-Learning programs.

Studies have shown that students that actually go to class, and are able to participate with other students and with hands on projects learn a lot more. It is important to be able to work with other people and to get involved with lectures, so that you are able to understand everything and take it in.

The time you are missing with your professors and students is disadvantages of E-Learning, and employers are going to take that into consideration when they go to hire you. Employers are going to look at the disadvantages with ELearning, and it may prevent you from getting the job that you want.

Another of the disadvantages of ELearning is that you don’t have any fun campus activities that you can participate in, like with a traditional college experience, and there are no sports teams or clubs to join. Instead you just long onto your computer every day and interact with others online if you have to.

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Being able to join other students who have similar interests as you do is a great way to enjoy life and learn, and you can do that with ELearning. The benefits of a traditional college are many compared to an online school, and students are really missing out.

Companies want students that are coming out of college and have experience working with others around them, and hands on experience with projects. They don’t want someone who sat in front of a computer screen for a year or so and got a degree.

They have no work history to bring with them to the interview, and this is another disadvantage of E- Learning. When you are looking to develop a stable career and you want your time spent learning and continuing your education to mean something, take the time to enroll at a traditional accredited university, they even have online classes that are available.

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by Don Georgevich

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