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5 Ways to Motivate Employees

Best ways to motivate peopleMotivating employees is a big part of sound business strategy.

How are you going to have a successful business if your employees are not invested in their productivity and the success of the company?

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A good working environment within a company that appreciates the workers and shows this appreciation via the management and tangible ways equals a successful, enduring company.

The companies of the world that are the most successful are those where the workers feel valued and compensated for their hard work. Motivating and appreciating employees is a huge part of a company’s success.

Five good ways to motivate employees include:

1. Simple recognition– recognition is free and goes a long way to showing your appreciation for a job well done. Workers who are deserving of recognition for accomplishments on the job should get it. If you are a manager or a boss who does not regularly recognize good work, you should start doing so today.

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2. Working conditions– ensure that the working conditions of your employees are ideal. Make sure there is plenty of light, space, pleasant things such as pictures, plants and the like to look at, needed supplies handy and access to restrooms and snacks. These things are a very high priority for people on the job.

Most people spend a lot of time at their jobs, so a pleasant and functional workspace makes for happy workers which, in turn, makes for productive workers. It is amazing how many people are working in conditions that make it a challenge to get their expected jobs done.

3. Team spirit– put up pictures of the entire team together in strategic places, emphasize that it is a team and everyone is important to the success of the company. People like to actually see themselves as part of a team picture. Strive to have activities that are team connected to build that team spirit. This includes social gatherings sponsored by the company from time to time for holidays or just because.

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4. Stress management– make sure your employees have access to information in order to learn about stress management. Ensure that there are stress management plans in place, such as mental health days and an atmosphere of support.

5. Time off– rested and happy employees equal productive and successful employees. Make room for early dismissals, late starts, extended lunch periods or time off when it is needed for individual workers. If people feel cared for, they feel valued and by feeling valued, they are able to be better workers.

Motivating employees is a worthy part of any successful business. Business is about so much more than just the bottom line, as successful companies know. By having happy and cared for workers, a company has competent and willing workers. It has been proven time and time again that those who are treated well, recognized for a job well done and have a pleasant, functional work space are more productive workers and are typically loyal to their company as well.

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by Don Georgevich

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