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Are you being overlooked for jobs?

overlooked-for-jobsIf you’ve been applying for lots of jobs but haven’t gotten the favorable results that you’re after, you’re probably wondering what it is that you’re doing wrong.

There are lots of common pitfalls that are easy to fall into, but some are difficult to see when you’re considering your own qualifications and career.

Ace Your Job Interview With This Little Trick

If you’re being overlooked for job opportunities, try some of these tactics and see if you don’t get better results.

The first thing you need to look at is your resume. If you’ve been using the same tired resume for all your job applications, this could be the culprit. Instead of polishing it up here and there, try starting from scratch. Rewrite your resume for each job that you apply to.

Read the qualifications for the position and write your resume in a way that highlights your most relevant accomplishments and experiences. If you start getting more bites on one style of resume than another, you’ll know what to tailor your future resumes toward for better results.

Your cover letter is another important item to look at. This should be written fresh for each and every job so that all of the information in the letter is highly relevant to that specific company and position in question. If you follow a certain style for every cover letter, try changing your format up a bit.

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There are lots of resources both online and in print that will give you great pointers for putting together a sharp and memorable cover letter. If you’ve been skipping the cover letter, start including one immediately.

If you get lots of interviews but no call backs, the problem may be with the interview more than the resume. Ask a few friends to sit down and give you mock interviews. Ask for their honest feedback and see what you find. You may realize that you come across as too casual or too nervous. If your answers sound rehearsed, the interviewer may not feel like he’s really getting to know you.

As with the resume, if you’ve been giving the same answers and they’re not working, it’s time to change things up. Address a different weakness and highlight different strengths. Try speaking of your accomplishments with more enthusiasm and infuse a sense of confidence into all your answers.

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Finally, you should look closely at your interview attire. Wearing the wrong outfit could cause the interviewer to throw your name out before you’ve even started the interview. When in doubt, you should always dress more formally. Your lucky football socks could be your downfall if they’re giving the interviewer the wrong impression.

In addition to choosing the right clothes, you should also make sure that you have the right fit. Pants that are too short or a blouse that gaps in the front will give you a sloppy look. The interviewer may assume that you’re not serious about the position if you haven’t taken the time to choose proper clothing. Experimenting with different styles could be the key to finally landing that job.

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Ace Your Job Interview With This Little Trick

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by Don Georgevich

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