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Best ways to follow up after a job interview

How to follow up after employer interviewWhat happens following a job interview that went well and a handshake with promises to follow up?

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You can typically tell how well a job interview went by how you feel about it, but not always.

When you leave the interview and get into your car, take a few moments to make notes about the interview process you just experienced.

If it is not possible to do that immediately, do it at the first opportunity you have while the experience is fresh in your memory.

Keep those notes for future reference, either to learn from if you do not get the job or to refer to in the next stage of the process.

When is a good time to follow up after an interview?

Do you wait for them to call? These are questions most people have about job interviews. Most companies will consider the interview and what they learned before hiring.

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Sometimes an interviewer will offer a position at the conclusion of an interview, but most of the time a call with an offer will come later. Sometimes this call can take a few days, even a few weeks. Waiting can be a challenge, but is often part of the process in getting a new job with a new company.

Best time to follow up after a job interview

It is permissible for you to call and follow up after an interview. When exactly a good time is depends upon the company and the situation at hand. Use your common sense, the feeling you got from the entire process. If you felt like the company planned to make a decision soon, then give them a call within two weeks after your interview.

Typically at the end of an interview they will say about how long before a decision will be made. If not, it is permissible to ask for a ballpark idea of timing by saying something like ‘Could you give me an idea of the time frame you have for filling this position?’

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Following up after an interview at around two to four weeks following the process is a typically a good time frame. You could check about a week after if you feel like the company plans to move on filling the position rather quickly. The important thing is not to call too often. Most companies will answer your query if they have filled the position and not leave you hanging.

If the position is still open when you call, wait at least two weeks before calling again. Job interview follow ups should be limited to two unless you have specific reason to believe you are still in the running for the position. Some companies take awhile to fill a position.

If you feel strongly that you are still in the running for a job opening after a month has passed and you have called to follow up twice already, then it is a good idea to call again. Most companies will tell you upon your call if the position has been filled by another applicant.

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