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What to Bring to a Job Interview – Can I Bring a Notebook?

Customer question on: What should I bring to a Job Interview

Is it unheard of to bring notes to possibly skim and read over them during an interview?


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Don’s answer to What should I bring to a job interview

Some people will tell you not to bring anything, but I totally disagree with this.  I always bring a notebook loaded with things I want to ask my interviewer – plus I write things down that just pop into my head during my interview – stuff that I want to ask more about, but don’t want to disrupt the flow of the interview – so I can remember them and ask later.

Plus I takes lots of notes on what they say – so I can later look back at my notes to help me make a more informed decision about whether I want this job or not.

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By taking notes, I’m less likely to ask a duplicate question and thus making myself look stupid.  Look at it this way, have you ever seen an interviewer without a notebook and not taking notes?  If they do it, then you certainly can too.  It also makes you look more professional by using a notebook.


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