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Good example of a one page resume for a Brand Manager

sample one page resumeRecruiters love his resume and they are always calling him. Why?

This guy is a Brand Manager in the racing industry and he is very accomplished and makes money for his company.

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He’s been in sales for over twenty years. He has an awesome track record and really knows his stuff.

His resume is simple and easy to read. He doesn’t use any crazy fonts, just Arial. He’s been working for the same company for over 10 years and breaks up his recent work experience by the class of racing he was in.

He shows an additional 10+ years of experience, but since it’s not devoted to racing, but account management and sales, he dropped off his achievements for only these jobs.

Best part of all, his resume is only ONE PAGE.

Recruiters only need one glance before they start dialing his number.

I’ve seen 4 page resumes from people with only a fraction of the experience this guy has. All too often, job seekers feel the need to put down everything under the sun about what they have done and that’s a BIG Mistake.

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As I’ve said before, a one page resume is the best. When correctly done, they are unstoppable and will easily beat-out anything that dares to come up against them.

This is by far one of my favorite resumes because it’s one page and it really rocks.

Let’s look at Brad’s beautiful resume:

Brad Mares
8547 Davidson Dr. ● Long Beach, CA 90621 ● 801-612-9452 ●

JOB OBJECTIVE: Brand Manager in automobile racing


American Racing Equipment Inc, Long Beach, CA 1999 – present

Brand Manager, ATX Series 2003 – present

  • Launched the ATX Series brand in 2004 and growing revenues to $9.5 million in 2006.
  • Managed outside agency through the logo development process, brand identity creation, advertising campaign, sale material and point of sale generation.
  • Developed twenty new wheel styles utilizing product development process that included slot analysis, design development and focus group feedback.
  • Establish the American Racing ATX Series as a premiere brand in the Off-Road Motorsports segment through creation of ATX Dirt Team.
  • Develop and manage brand budget to maximize ROI.
  • Increased annual sales by 71% through sourcing and sales to optimization.

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Brand Manager, American Racing 2004 – 2007

  • Managed our flagship brand representing an average of $80 million in annual sales revenues over three year span.
  • Worked on segment positioning and product development for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Signature Series.
  • Developed the American Racing Modern Muscle Series to capitalize on growth of Domestic Muscle Cars in market.
  • Provide training to retail partners on brands, products and sales techniques.
  • Directed the coordination and execution of SEMA trade show.

Brand Manager, Motegi Racing 1999 – 2002

  • Launched the Motegi Racing Brand in 2000 and growing revenues to $15 million in 2002.
  • Managed outside agency through the logo development process, brand identity creation, advertising campaign, website strategy, sales material and point of sale generation.
  • Managed the company’s entry into the highly competitive racing sport.
  • Worked with Universal Pictures on the high profile “2 Fast 2 Furious” feature film.

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Additional work experience:
Senior Account Manager – FRITO-LAY, Inc, Irvine, CA 1996 – 1999
Regional Manager – Sunkist Growers, Inc, Ontario, CA 1993 – 1996
District Sales Manager, Gallo Wine Corp, Commerce, CA 1989 – 1993


Bachelor of Science in Marketing, California State University, Long Beach CA, 1989


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by Don Georgevich

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