How to Answer Scenario or Behavioral Questions

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Customer question on answering behavioral interview questions

I’ve now been invited for a second interview along with two others on Friday.  I understand that I will be required to respond to a series of scenario type questions or behavioral questions.

My question is:  Can you offer me any assistance in preparation for the scenarios – maybe in the form of an outline or format?

- Delores

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Don’s answer on how to properly answer behavioral interview questions using the STAR format

Scenario questions are really behavioral questions and can be answered using this STAR format as a guideline.  I have other videos where I go over actual questions, but the purpose of this video is to give you the framework for answering behavioral questions.


Situation or Task
Describe the situation that you were in or the task that you needed to accomplish. You must describe a specific event or situation, not a generalized description of what you have done in the past. Be sure to give enough detail for the interviewer to understand. This situation can be from a previous job, from a volunteer experience, or any relevant

Action you took
Describe the action you took and be sure to keep the focus on you. Even if you are discussing a group project or effort, describe what you did — not the efforts of the team. Don’t tell what you might do, tell what you did.

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Results you achieved
What happened? How did the event end? What did you accomplish? What did you learn?

It’s really that simple to answer any behavioral question using the STAR format.  And your answer are not supposed to be very long, just a few sentences for each leg of the question.

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