How to Prepare for a Third Interview – 3rd Interview Questions

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Customer question:  how to prepare for a third interview

I thought the interview process was over, but the recruiter for the company called me Friday to come in for a 3rd interview with the Vice President.    It’s between me and another candidate.

I’m just reviewing over everything and preparing a couple of different questions. Typically, what experience do you have once the process gets to this point?

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What should I expect at A 3rd job interview?


Don’s answer to preparing for a third interview

Congratulations on making it to the third interview.  They definitely see something they like.  Just play it cool and you’ll probably get the job. Make sure you let them know you have a plan for your new job and that you have been doing your homework.  Let them know you are serious about this job.  VPs like it when people have a plan or goal.

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  1. Since it’s the VP, then it will probably be completely different than your previous interviews.  They already know you can do the job and they like you, otherwise you would not have made it this far.  Execs don’t waste their time on just anybody.  Execs will interview from a different angle and will want to know how you think you will fit it.  Are you going to be a team player? Are you going to be productive?  How are you going to benefit the company?
  2. Remember, they also trust the judgment of the people you have already interviewed with, but just want to see for themselves what you are made of.  Plus, they may want to dig deeper into what your own plans are for the job.  How are you going to do it? How are you going to overcome any hurdles.  How do you know when you have been successful?

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  3. Polish up on questions like that and you’ll be set. Also, make sure the answers you have given previously are consistent with your answers this afternoon so you don’t create any contradictions.  Execs don’t like to listen to babble, so keep your answers short and to the point.
  4. Give yourself that extra edge and stand out by giving a firm handshake to the VP, look him/her in the eye.  Smile with a big grin and show your teeth.  Showing your teeth is the ultimate smile and is the best and most exciting way to introduce yourself.  Plus, your image will last longer in their minds.

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I wish you all the best and hope you get the job.


  • Mokupuni

    Thank you Don! Going to me 3rd interview this afternoon and your information helped a great deal.

  • Ali

    This is a good post Don. I also had my 2 interviews and passed. My first interview was a phone screen and the second interview was a face to face with the hiring manager, a collegue, and the HR manager. I got a call today from the recruiter that I have a third interview (via phone) tomorrow with the hiring managers boss. During the 2nd interview the hiring manager said that this was a very good interview. But I am surprised to find out that I have another interview with his boss who is in a different state. I am not sure how to prepare for this interview. The hiring manager called me this evening and advised me that his boss is a numbers guy. Other than reviewing the finance information, not sure what to else to expect. Do you have any advise for this?

  • Anonymous

    just stay focussed on what you can do for them as it relates to the job.

  • Yvette Hoggarth

    hi. i went for a first interview last monday. i had 4 hours notice to prepare for a critical care specialist position, which i knew nothing about. i was in with the HR manager and country director. went brilliantly i thought. the next morning i was called again with 4 hours notice to meet with other managers. i managed to get some company info scrammed in. walked in sat down and was introduced to the VP and and another very senior man. they fired questions and i sat there in shock. it went on for an hour and i honestly thought i fluffed it. i was called back the next morning to meet again next week. its down to me and another candidate to meet with the same directors (VP). i amnot sure what to expect here. probably the salary thing this time. thanks for your post. gives me confidence that they saw possiblity in me.

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