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Job Interviews Tips Do Don’t – Good and Bad Choices in an Interview Situation

Job Interviews Tips Do Don’t – Good and Bad Choices in an Interview Situation

It’s frankly amazing the stories interviewers tell about the mistakes people make during the interview process. We’ve compiled some job interviews tips, do don’t and don’t even think about it.

There are several areas in the interview meeting where things can go wrong: appearance, body language, and the question and answer. Check out these helpful hints to avoid blunders that could cost you the job you want.

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One of the biggest areas that people foul up is in the way they present themselves through their wardrobe. Even having the most stellar credentials often can’t get you the job if you show up in a ratty sweat suit, reeking of cheap cologne.

What to Wear Job Interview Tips Do Don’t

When planning what to wear to your interview, consider these job interviews tips do don’t. Men should wear a solid, dark-colored, conservative suit to an interview. Do wear a crisp, white, long-sleeved dress shirt with an understated tie as well. Jewelry should be limited to a watch and wedding ring, if applicable.

Ladies, be sure to dress neatly and modestly. A dark suit is the best choice, either pants or skirt, with a conservative, coordinating blouse. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight, too revealing, or too colorful. Jewelry, perfume, and make-up should be kept at a minimum. Both sexes should pay attention to grooming: neat, professional hairstyles and clean, trimmed nails are appropriate.

Also, be sure you have showered and are wearing deodorant. In addition, teeth should be clean and your breath fresh. Carry breath spray with you and give yourself a squirt before entering the interview.

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Job interviews tips do don’t suggestions for appearance extend beyond clothing and hygiene. Your body language and speaking voice are also important. Avoid fidgeting or nervous behaviors. Keep relaxed but not unprofessional.

You should maintain eye contact and a pleasant, smiling expression. During the greeting a firm (but not too tight) handshake with the web of the hands touching is the right move.

Inside the Job Interview – Tips Do’s and Don’ts

Once you get to the main portion of the interview, your mouth can get you into trouble if you don’t keep to these important job interviews tips do don’t recommendations. Usually, an interviewer will start the ball rolling with a question like ‘How are you?’ or ‘Tell me about yourself.’ Don’t tell your life story.

This is the opportunity to highlight a couple of items (three at most) about your personality or experience. Choose these items with thought to how they make you a good fit for the open position.

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There is almost always a question about your weakness. Choose a weakness that you can improve in the future, not a serious personality or character flaw and state how you are working to improve.  Job Interview Tips Weakness question.

Other miscellaneous job interviews tips do don’t hints can also affect your ability to get the job. Do arrive early for your interview. Some interviewers will cross your name off simply for being a few minutes late.

Do turn off your cell phone during the interview time. If you forget, don’t answer a call or check a text message. Without checking who it is, apologize for forgetting to turn the phone off immediately and switch the phone off.

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