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Jobs you can get with a Creative Writing Degree


Creative writing jobs

Your parents might have told you that you can’t make a living as a writer, but they would be wrong.

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Careers for students who earn creative writing degrees are more varied and profitable now than ever before, thanks to new venues presented by the continued growth of the Internet.

This growth has created many new creative writing jobs and that will only increase in the coming years, and those companies need creative writers.

Creative writers are needed to write books and advertising, web content, and even to help grant writers compete in an increasingly competitive non-profit market.

Surprisingly, even textbook publishers need creative writers to make them more compelling for students.

A creative writing degree can prepare you to be a flexible job candidate, ready to move where the job market takes you. It will make you a marketable candidate if your writing will set your company apart from competitors, or help you to freelance successfully, in control of your own hours and working environment.

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In fact, if you know that you have creative writing skills and interests but you are not quite certain of what career path you want, this is an excellent major to choose. You can begin your studies by refining your language and writing skills, and then take elective classes later to explore your other interests.

Are you an extrovert who is interested in writing persuasive copy to market your way to a fortune? A creative writing degree with an emphasis in marketing will help you to achieve that goal. Do you imagine yourself living alone in the forest, typing the great American novel on a vintage typewriter?

A degree in creative writing will help you to achieve that dream, too. Most likely, your aspirations lie somewhere between these extremes. You may not even be sure of what you want to be when you grow up yet, but if you enjoy writing, this is an excellent course of study to consider.

If your life goals include traveling, then a creative writing degree may be the answer. That is because you will be well-prepared to earn a living writing online in nearly any capacity, which will help you to be mobile.

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Creative Writing Jobs are Everywhere

You can write online as easily from a café in France as you can from your county library, and with strong creative writing skills under your belt, you can make a living by writing online while you travel for years if you choose to do so.

If this is your dream, you will want to include Internet writing courses in your degree plan, because writing for the web requires a different style than writing a book or writing advertising copy.

No matter what your native language is, you can be successful as a creative writer and will have no trouble find creative writing jobs. If you plan to write articles in English and this is not your native tongue, take the English courses that you need to become a proficient English speaker, and you may actually find yourself at an advantage later in your career.

Bilingual writers are increasingly in demand in this global marketplace that we now have, so don’t let that discourage you. With dedication and effort, a creative writing degree can help you fulfill your dreams of becoming the next great author.

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