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Tough interview questions employers will ask

tough job interview questionsNo matter whom you are, everyone is worried about what job interview questions might be asked during their interview.

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The more you know about the questions, the better you can prepare for the big event!

Well, there is at least one question always asked during any interview, regardless of what industry you are in or what specific role you hope to fill.

We are going to talk in detail about that question today, because once you understand it and the true reasoning behind it, the rest of the interview process can become much clearer than before.

When you hear about common interview questions, maybe this one pops into your head: “Do you have any questions for me?”

This question always ends an interview. Many people make a critical mistake, believing they will save the interviewer’s time by declining to ask anything. Unfortunately, this in itself is a trap!

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If you fail to ask anything, it will seem that you have no further interest in the employer beyond what you can get for a paycheck. If you ask the wrong question — such as one about compensation — things become that much worse!

So what is the purpose of this most ubiquitous of job interview questions? It’s actually very simple, and it points to the “real reason” behind many other questions. The interviewer would like you to ask an incisive, meaningful question about working at his or her company.

In fact, before you sit down, the interviewer wants you to have as much knowledge about the company as he or she has about your career — or even more — and this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you do. The point? To see whether or not you are truly invested in the company.

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Many other questions also have a secret purpose of this kind. Some of them are intended to make sure that you are not antisocial. Others are intended to help the interviewer gauge whether you could be considered a natural “goal setter” or if you are someone who requires direct supervision to get started.

In almost every case, the question that you are being asked is not the “real” question at all. The interviewer’s job is to verify that the real human being in the chair — you — matches up with the resume the company received. Prepare yourself for the underlying questions and you’ll do fine.

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by Don Georgevich

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