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Two Weeks Notice Letter – Resignation – How to Resign

resignation letterWhile resigning from a job to go to another or simply to leave the employment for any reason at all, may seem like a simple thing to do, it is important that you resign in an appropriate manner.

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Future employers will be looking at this information and you will want to be sure you have fair references to take with you going forward.

Maintaining a professional manner, even when leaving a position, is very important. While it might seem less intimidating to just leave, that is not the way to handle a career transition at all. It is a wise idea to submit a two week notice letter and resignation.

If you are interviewing for a new job and are offered the position, it is important that you do your best to give a two week notice at your current employer regardless of the situation. This will give your current employer time to handle the loss and prepare for when you are gone. If at all possible it is wise to do this and help with the transition.

You want to be able to look back at the situation and know that you acted professionally and you want new employers to feel the same way about how you handled the situation. Taking the time to prepare a two weeks’ notice letter and resignation will go a long way to this end.

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When preparing a two weeks’ notice letter and resignation you should be professional in your writing and keep it simple. Don’t be abrupt, impersonal, or rude. Also, make sure that you put an actual last day of employment or availability for employment for your current employer in the body of the letter. This will avoid any misunderstanding in this regard as the day approaches.

This will also help the current employer to be able to plan for your departure and have sufficient time to find a replacement if necessary. They will appreciate this effort and will remember that you left in such a manner. Leaving is never easy, but when you do it properly it can become a much smoother transition for everyone involved.

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Your two weeks’ notice letter and registration does not have to be the only way that you resign. This is the formal part of your resignation process and shows a nice paper trail for both yourself and your employer. It also illustrates your professionalism. This having been said, it is a good idea to schedule a meeting with your current employer to discuss your decision to leave.

This will help to relieve some of the tension in the event and give you the opportunity to express yourself in a less formal manner. Helping your current employer to understand your reasons for leaving is not necessary but may help you and them to move forward with confidence. Using these tools, a resignation will be easier, more professional, and less stressful. That will make starting your new position much more enjoyable in the end.

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