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3 Good Tips to Answering Tough Job Interview Questions

Preparing for a job interview is a nerve-wracking experience for many people. It is completely understandable for you to be anxious and nervous about coming across well to the person doing the interview, for a job that provides for the family is at stake.

The best way to handle this nervousness is to be prepared. Preparing for an interview involves taking the time to learn not only about the job and what it will likely entail, but about the company doing the hiring as well. Knowing about the job as well as the company will give you confidence that will show during the interview.

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Sometimes during the course of a job interview, the question ‘how did you prepare for this interview’ will come up. The interviewer wants to know that you took time to think about the questions that might be asked and time to learn about the company.

This is a question that can be answered simply, do not go into a long list of what you looked up and what you learned from it, but simply state the things you did to prepare. If you did some internet research and made some notes, simply say you researched the company online using the company website as well as search engine results.

The Problems with Tough Interview Questions

The job interview has evolved in recent years to where more and more problem solving type questions are asked, ‘what would you do’ scenarios and the like. This enables the interviewer to see how you might work through a problem that comes up on the job.

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While interviews are not real life scenarios, those that are time consuming and in depth do give the person or people conducting it an idea of what kind of worker you are due to your resume combined with your reactions and answers to their questions.

How you answer tough job interview questions carries a lot of weight with the interviewer for several reasons. For one thing, the interviewer can see how you would handle certain situations as specified in the questions.

For another thing, the person asking the questions can get an idea of your personality, your communication skills and communication methods. There are a lot of things, both verbal and non-verbal, to be learned about a job candidate during the course of an in depth job interview session.

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The most important key when it comes to preparing for an interview is to be as knowledgeable as possible going in so that you have confidence, even if certain questions are not asked. That confidence will show through in many ways.

Learn about the typical job requirements of the position you are being interviewed for and learn about the company in general. Not just the company’s history but recent events as well. Not only will this enable you to come across well in your interview, but you will learn if the company is stable and reputable enough for you to want to work there.

A successful job interview is one in which you are able to articulate why you are the best candidate for the job.

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by Don Georgevich

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