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3 tips to negotiate salary perks

negotiate-salary-perksThe economic downturn hit like a hurricane and a lot of people held onto their jobs for dear life.

These few people were lucky to keep their jobs, but now the economy is rebounding.

Now companies are looking to hire new talent while keeping the old guard intact.

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In order to do this many companies are offering salary perks or non-monetary benefits to their current employees.

You could be offered post-graduate classes, extra vacation time, off-the-job training, a more flexible schedule, the ability to telecommute or on-the-job-training. There is no better time to negotiate these salary perks than right now. Here is how to do it.


You can’t win a negotiation without knowing what winning means. Ask around to friends to see what they have been offered by other companies. Get on the internet and discover current trends in salary perks across the country in like professions. Get a good idea of what you deserve for you loyalty and skill set.

Blend Personal with Professional

Tell the employer how the new perk will help you and the company. Keep in mind that the company has invested in you and it believes in helping you achieve your personal goals. Some of these salary perks may help you achieve your goals, but how does that help the company? Be prepared to answer that question.

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Write out what is most important to you. Do you want a flexible schedule? More time off? More money? Discover what you desire most out of the negotiations and go after that one goal. Do not spread yourself too thin or ask for too many things because you will be less likely to get exactly what you want. If you do get what you want it may be a watered down version of it.

Second Option

You need a fallback. This is a negotiation not a demand session. You may not get everything that you want so it is important to understand what you want second most. Fall back on that. That way you both can ‘settle’ on the next best and you can both walk away happy.

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Salary perks are an important part of the compensation package. These perks may be more beneficial than pay such as health care or dental coverage. Salary perks can add greatly to your quality of life so it is important to get the perks you are looking for when the opportunity arises.

Educate Yourself

One of the best salary perk options you can shoot for is continuing education. The company benefits by having a more capable employee and you benefit by gaining more marketable tools. You can drive up your value as an employee and set yourself up for more perks and raises in the future.

Continuing education is a great way to invest in your future and it gives you leverage. It is the long-con so to speak and most employers are willing to play along because of the mutual benefits. So, if your primary request falls through you can always fall back on this option and wait.

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by Don Georgevich

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