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5 Word Phrases that Weaken Your Resume

resume weak wordsI’ve been doing several resume critiques lately and I’ve been finding that many of you still don’t have a well polished resume — many job seekers don’t need to completely trash their resume, but they do need to throw out what is not working for them.

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When I read resumes I keep seeing the same old clichéd words and phrases spattered about.

It starts sounding like everyone else’s resume and that’s not a good thing, because your resume must set itself apart from everyone else’s and not blend in.

Millions of job seekers keep using “results oriented.”  What does that really mean?  Are you only driven by numbers or the bottom line?

You’re looking for a challenging environment, are you?  Are you just saying that?

Check over your job objective and mare sure you are not using words like this, if you are then you might strongly consider getting them out and rewriting your job objective like we did in lesson 1.

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Phrases to Avoid in Your Job Objective

  • Results oriented
  • Challenging environment or position
  • Growth opportunity
  • Entry level position
  • Utilize my skills

These phrases are so overused by everyone else that they don’t carry the same weight anymore they once used to, plus they simply don’t add value to your objective.

If I see Results oriented on a resume,  just one more time …. Arrgh!

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by Don Georgevich

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