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6 Tough Interview Questions – ANSWERED!

There are a lot of tricky interview questions out there. Some employers ask them just to see how well people can respond to difficult questions. No matter why they are asked, however, you need to know the best answers to difficult interview questions if you want to get the job. Here are a few of the most difficult questions and things that you should know about answering them for your next interview:

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#1- Tell me about yourself.
This question always throws people for a loop. Here, you need to provide a few concise details about your professional self as well as your personal self. Don’t spend too long on this question but provide useful, interesting information. Your collection of cartoon action figures might not be relevant but your volunteer work will. Use your judgment.

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#2-How long have you been looking for a job?
This is where the employer is concerned that you have been tossed aside and aren’t a valuable employee. They want to make sure that you’re not yesterday’s news and that you are not still unemployed due to lack of ability. Explain that you have goals and that you have been exploring your career options to find the best fit, rather than just taking any job that comes along.

#3- What do you expect from this position?
To many people, this feels like a loaded question with no right answer. However, you need to simply tell the employer that you are searching for a position that is challenging and utilizes your skills effectively, allowing you to make a positive contribution to the company or organization. It’s as simple as that.

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#4- Why should we hire you?
This is another loaded question, but there is an easy answer here, as well. Discuss your abilities and use this question to toot your own horn, if you will. Talk about your skills, abilities, experience, and what you can bring to the job. Use past experience if it helps give credibility to your response.

#5- What are your salary expectations?
This is where they lay it all on the line. Your answer will tell them just how confident you are in your abilities and how flexible you are in working with their budget. If you know that you are worth more than they are paying, it can be difficult to answer this question. Start by letting them know that you need more information about the job and responsibilities involved and that you’d like to know the budgeted range. Saying that you are negotiable to a certain extent is also going to improve your chances of getting the position.

#6- Why are you leaving or did you leave your previous job?
This answer is very difficult. You need to be brief and not hurt your credibility. Simply explain that you decided to make a career change or explain what happened in a positive manner. References will be checked, so you should NEVER lie about a reason for leaving. Also, leave ‘conflict of interest’ or ‘personality conflicts’ out of the answer. These tend to reflect badly on you, even if you weren’t the cause of the conflict.

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