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Account executive thank you letter

Joseph Johnsonaccountexecutive-thankyoulettersample

1245 Azalea St.
Anycity, NY 78910

June 15, 20xx

Michael Dunn
Sales Manager
Holliday Apparel
7 North 60th Street
Anycity, NY 78910

Dear Mr. Dunn:

I appreciated the interview you granted me. I was interested to hear about your company’s quest to increase sales in the future. My skills and natural abilities lie in keeping watch over orders, service, trends, and forecasts in order to increase new opportunities in sales. I feel that I could help Holliday Apparel to develop new prospects in sales.

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I also agree that many different types of contact are necessary to maintain the wholesale sales team/store owners’ relationship. I am willing to help develop this at Holliday Apparel. I feel comfortable with cold calling, email, and personal contact through travel. I have developed my communication skills over the years to be very efficient and would like to add my skills to your team.

Thanks you again for your time. I look forward to talking with you further.


Joseph Johnson (signature)

Joseph Johnson

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