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How to Interview Internally at a Company You Already Work

Internal interview within current organization

Customer question on interviewing for an internal position at a company they already work at

When I have interviewed with my current company these past couple of years.  I have NOT been selected.

I am interviewing tomorrow with the current organization I have been working with for the past few years.

The company has been down-sized and I was one of the people to get downsized in grade and salary.

I have gone on to achieve my MBA since the jobs had been down-sized in an effort to gain more responsibility and become more of an asset to our organization at next higher level, especially since I plan on working at least another ten or more years within my current career.

If you have any advice concerning interviewing within the current organization–please share that with me.

– Shirley

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Don’s answer to interviewing withing the current organization

As far as interviewing within the current organization – you have a definite advantage because you already have a foot in the door and they recognize you are responsible and committed to your job. I would focus my efforts on their goals for that position and then demonstrate to your interviewer that you have a PLAN and goals for this position and explain how you are going to do it.

By clearly demonstrating your plan to your interviewer or new boss, you are putting their mind at ease and increasing their comfort level with you. Almost nobody goes into an interview and explains their idea for the job, but that’s what interviewers would really like to hear.

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Even if your idea or plan is not perfectly on target with theirs, just the mere mention that you have goals for the positions demonstrates to them that you are serious about this job and that you’ll do whatever it takes. And that’s what they want to hear, though they will rarely and directly ask you this question.

I hope this helps and I wish you all the best on your interview and hope you get the job.


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by Don Georgevich

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