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Set yourself apart and be creative in your job search

How to be creativeSome people are full of ideas. They always have new ways of solving problems and can often find interesting ways to use resources and materials.

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If you are one of these people who like a good challenge that allows you to use your imagination, then you might want to ask yourself if you are a creative person.

If so, then you should know that you have a valuable gift. You should also know, however, that it sometimes can only be valuable if you know how to use it well.

Fist, you may be asking yourself if you really are creative. Furthermore, how can you know? Are you creative? In this article, you will find out how to know if you are creative and how you can reign in your creativity to be a more valuable employee or entrepreneur, no matter in which industry or field you work.

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Do you consider yourself creative? Many people who do consider themselves creative tend to have a lot of ideas all of the time. Put a creative person in a meeting, and he or she is likely to be the person who has three or four potential solutions for any problem.

Creative people tend to have hobbies that allow them to use imaginative skills. They may choose to paint, write, or play music. Creative people enjoy activities that allow them to express themselves. Some of the most creative people have heads full of ideas, some of which work and some of which do not.

This is where many creative people run into problems. You see, many creative people actually suffer from having too many ideas. Instead having just one possible solution to a problem that they can test and evaluate, creative people, often find that they have handfuls of potential solutions, but they find it difficult sometimes to value these ideas.

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This is why if you consider yourself creative you should be sure to have some kind of technique that allows you to judge the feasibility of your ideas. A common technique used by people who consider themselves creative is to create a chart. List each idea that you have. Next to each idea, list benefits and setbacks associated with each. This should give you a pretty good idea of where to begin.

Another technique used by people who consider themselves creative is to work with people who can act as editors. For example, sit down with a colleague and throw some ideas at him or her. You will find that your colleague might react well to some and more lukewarm to others.

When you are creative, the important thing is to know how to control your creative powers. The truth is that many people have vibrant imaginations and can offer innovative ways of solving problems.

Those who are most successful, however, are those who can bring their powers to the next level by sorting through their ideas and locating the ones that can offer the best results. By using some of the techniques listed above, you can find out which methods work for you and make them a part of your normal routine.

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by Don Georgevich

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