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Best Buy Interview Questions

Best Buy Employment Interview Questions

Customer question on: Best Buy Careers – employment interview questions

I will be interviewing with Best Buy on Friday for a Space Analyst position.  It is an inventory/merchandising position.   I have already filled out the Best Buy employment applications.

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I have two questions for you:

  1. What is the best response to the interview question, “Tell me about a time when you missed a deadline.
  2. Why did you miss the deadline and what did you do to resolve it?”

Also, do you have any recommendations to specific questions that you think will be asked in a Best Buy employment interview like this?


Don’s answer to: How to answer Best Buy employment interview questions

Since this is Best Buy and a retail store, be prepared for employment questions relating to:  working past your scheduled time, working weekends, coming in early, multi-tasking (you may have to lend a hand to another department who is short staffed).

Team work questions, how good are you at working with others to get a job done.  I think of Best Buy as one big team.

  • Compromising (if you are working with others to get something done, how will you handle it if others you are working with want to do it a different way and you know their way is not as good as yours, what will you do?
  • Will you go to their boss, what if no bosses are available and you have tight deadline?
  • How will you handle it if the store is swamped and the camera department needs help, and your boss told you to help out the camera dept., but you don’t know anything about cameras?
  • Are you the kind of person who will step up and step in to lend a hand or look at your boss with a long droopy face and whine? The correct answer is a resounding YES sir/mam because this is an opportunity to learn and you have nothing to lose by helping.

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Let them know you can work independently, follow directions, require little supervision and can think for yourself, but also prefer working in a team environment because it’s more productive that way.

I’m not sure specifically of the job requirements for employment at Best Buy for a Space Analyst position, but since this is retail, anything can happen and I believe they would prefer employees who can wear many hats and are ready and willing to help any of your co-workers out.

Keep in mind that Best Buy is very customer centric and they are very cautious during the employment process.  Without happy customers there are no FAT profits.  I like shopping there because they usually do what ever it takes to make me happy and that’s what keep me coming back.

To answer your Best Buy employment questions:

Tell me about a time when you missed a deadline?

1. Describe a project you worked on and what the expected outcome was.  Then explain what really happened and that you learned from that experience.  This takes what is expected to be a negative answer and turns it around into a positive one.

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Why did you miss the deadline?

2. “Early on in my career, I tried to promise the world and thought I could get anything done in a short time.  As a result of my inexperience, I over-promised and missed a deadline.  But I have since learned to prepare and plan for unforeseen events and now I deliver what I promise on time.”

Use these positive faults in to help explain the reason your project did not work out:

* “I have a tendency to take on a greater workload than I can always handle, but I’m working on this problem by delegating more of my task load.”

* “With closing deadlines, I can be impatient, so now I’m identifying holdups that could cause a missed deadline.”

Everybody misses deadlines, but you want to tell them you have learned from your experiences and are now better prepared to identify the things that cause people to miss deadlines and are able to make more accurate predictions.


btw, Cyle followed-up with me later and he did get the job at Best Buy.  Now I need to see if he can get me a discount on a new computer.

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by Don Georgevich

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