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5 Tips for Call Center Customer Service Job Interviews

The industry of call center customer service is a growing business. There are many positions for those people who are gifted in these areas. However, there are also quite a few applicants pursuing those positions.

To prepare for your interview, you might want to review these call center customer service representative interview answer tips because your interaction with the interviewer will most likely be the deciding factor on whether or not you get the job.

What Makes a Successful Customer Service Representative?

The job of a call center customer service representative is mostly about how you deal with people verbally. The largest portion of the interview will most likely revolve around how you have dealt with a past experience or how you would deal with a hypothetical situation.

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The interviewer will also want to know about your computer skills, experience or knowledge of call center technology, and any foreign language fluency. Multilingual and bilingual call centers offer great job opportunities if you speak more than one language. There are five major call center customer service representative interview answer tips to keep in mind when you are in the interview process.

The Top 5 Call Center Customer Service Tips for Call Center Representatives

Tip #1: If you already have experience as a call center representative, think of several recent examples of how you dealt with angry or difficult callers. Choose examples that showcase your ability to resolve the problem. Also, prepare several examples of completely positive interactions with pleasant clients. You can use this opportunity to reveal your approach to customer service that helps ensure client satisfaction.

Tip #2: Research ahead of time what type of technology the company you are interviewing for uses. Familiarize yourself with the general format so that you can show your initiative if questioned about software expertise. Be sure to mention the types of industry software that you have been trained in and where you trained, as well as basic word processing and spreadsheet proficiency.

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Tip #3: Think about the qualities a good call center customer service representative needs to have, such as attention to detail, active listening skills, and problem solving skills. Be able to articulate your ideas about these qualities. Use your experiences and answers to hypothetical situations to highlight your strengths in these areas.

Tip #4: Another of the best call center customer service representative interview answer tips is to prepare answers to questions about maintaining customer satisfaction and procedure with callers. Think about the steps you take to ensure that a customer’s issues are resolved satisfactorily. Do you repeat back to them what they have said in your own words to ascertain whether you understand properly? Do you affirm their feelings of dissatisfaction? How do you go about finding a solution?

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Tip #5: Keep a well-modulated, calm, and pleasant speaking voice throughout the interview. Even when questions become difficult, call center customer service interview answer tips remind you to speak slowly and clearly, with a friendly and professional demeanor. This demonstrates your ability to do the same with a client on the phone.

Following these call center customer service tips will help you walk into your interview confident. You can outshine the competition and get the job you want with the proper preparation.

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by Don Georgevich

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