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Do you know how to set your career goals?

Career goal statement examples are the first step in making your own work for you. The first thing you need to consider is where you are going to use those goals. For your own personal use in a career plan, you can go as long or as short as you want.

But, if you are writing them as the header for your CV or resume, you need to focus them on the specific employer and position. Write all your goals for your own use first. Then you can narrow them and craft them for your CV or resume.

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A goal needs to be specific and personal. Let’s look at one of the more common career goal statement examples. It goes like this: “Seeking a challenging position as a computer programmer.” Of course, you can substitute the computer programmer job easily for any job title like “truck driver” or “tiger trainer.”

That common example is a trip up for many people. It is not specific to you. You can use it as a jumping off point though. Why are you seeking the job as a computer programmer? You can take that example and personalize it: “Seeking a challenging position as a JAVA development specialist in a leading Seattle web development firm focused on the latest ecommerce technologies.”

Career Goal Statement Examples

A goal needs to be something you can measure. Another of the more common career goal statement examples is “Looking for position where I can expand my skill set.” Okay, what skills do you want to expand and why? That goal is generic and weak. You need a goal that focuses on you and your aspirations.

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Take that example and make it your own. What skill set do you want to develop? What type of position will make that happen? A better example would be “Seeking challenging copywriter position in New York ad agency to expand my skill set in developing marketing materials.”

A goal must also look to where you want your future to be. If you plan on opening your own business in five years, your personal career plan needs to reflect it. You can take generic career goal examples to make this happen.

You will often see statements like “I want to own my own company in five years.” What type of company? What products or services do you want to offer? A better example would be “I want to own my own logistics company that offers affordable local delivery the Atlanta area.” Use examples as springboards for your own goals.

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Think about goals in three or four groups. Some goals are short term or apply to your day-to-day work. Others are likely things you want to accomplish in the next year or two. Then you start thinking long term to the five-year mark. Going out that far allows you to start making moves in the near future that will affect your long-term future. You can align your current goals with those of the longer range and go forward with confidence that your future is in your hands.

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