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Example of a finance resume

finance resume sampleIt’s time to open my secret vault and share with you some of the resumes I have written for my clients, with their permission of course, though I’ve changed their names to protect their identity.

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The first resume I’m going to show you is from Kate Hilton.

Here is what I like about it:

  • It’s a very simply written and clean.
  • It shows only her work experience as it relates to finance.
  • She has many accomplishment and achievement statements.
  • She also opted not to use a job objective statement.

Why no job objective statement you ask? She and I felt it was not needed and that anyone reading the first line of her resume would instantly know she is seeking a financial management position. You know what, she’s right. And had she used the job objective statement I wrote for her, it would have been a redundant statement, which is a big NO NO on a resume.

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Here is Kate’s Finance Resume (Example):

Kate Hilton
5582 Oak St. ● Geneva, IL 25478 ● 635-885-4589 ●


  • Over 15 years experience in design and management of comprehensive financial systems with private and government organizations.
  • Strategic planning and management skills with proven corporate finance qualifications.
  • Exceptional management, analytical, decision making, and problem solving skills.
  • Highly skilled in budgeting & cost management, financial planning & analysis, strategic planning and profit & loss analysis.


SEC GROUP, INC., McHenry, IL – Chief Financial Officer 2004 to Present

Senior Executive with full responsibility for strategic planning, development and leadership of this $20+ million civil engineering firm’s finance function.

  • Championed successful cost reduction initiatives contributing to more than $1.5 million in operational cost savings.
  • Led conversion from an antiquated accounting system to a state-of-the art financial reporting, and project management system resulting in dramatic improvement in the timeliness of financial data and accuracy of project management data.
  • Improved client resource management and reduced project overages and non-billable time by 18%.
  • Updated billing procedures and restructured collection process reducing overdue accounts receivable by 27%.
  • Led due diligence for two potential acquisitions to diversity markets and created new revenue streams.

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KANE COUNTY GOVERNMENT, Geneva, IL – Finance Director 1999 to 2004

  • Advised Chairman of the Board, Finance Committee and County Board regarding the financial position of the County.
  • Provided financial analysis and contract advice to County’s legal counsel.
  • Implemented a new, user-friendly financial software module designed to easily create customized financial reports.
  • Partnered with County departments to design and introduce standardized financial, accounting, and payroll processes resulting in financial statement reports available within 5 working days of month end.
  • Redesigned County’s long-range financial plan as the foundation for annual budgeting to gain better control over operating and capital expenditures.
  • Implemented Program and Performance Budgeting for several of County’s departments and funds for better analysis and control over expenditures.


M.B.A., DePaul University, Major in Finance, 4.0 GPA.
B.S., Northern Illinois University, Major in Marketing. Graduated with Honors.
C.P.A. Review Course, Northern Illinois University.
Certified Public Accountant, Illinois.

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You see, Kate actually has more experience than what is shown here, but it’s not relevant to financial management, so we did not put it on. Which is another big mistake job seekers make when writing their resume. They always feel the need to show every job they’ve ever had and after someone reads their resume, they have no idea what kind of job they are even looking for. And all that becomes of their resume, is a wadded up paper basketball.

That’s all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed this resume review and I have several more to show you before I begin teaching you how to answer job interview questions and other tips to polish up your interviewing skills.

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A common question I get from my readers is, “How do you decide what to keep on your resume and what needs to go?” All too often job seekers struggle with this dilemma because they feel attached to everything they have done and are proud of it, and feel it is important to share with prospective employers. But my short answer is to only put on your resume what is relevant to the job you are seeking.

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