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Following-up – never take silence as a sign of disinterest

One of my coaching students just asked me about following-up after his interview.

He said he had an interview last week with a two person panel and followed up with a separate thank you email to both of them.

Several days go by and he doesn’t receive a response from either person, but during the interview, they mentioned holding second interviews later in the week.

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He was concerned that by not hearing back, that this was their way of saying they had no interest in him.

My response to him: “Never take silence as a sign an employer is not interested in you.”

When you don’t hear back from an employer, pick up the phone and call them. Email is easier, but it’s both cheap and easy.

Picking up the phone and calling takes more effort and conveys your intentions on a completely different level.

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Anyone can send email, but calling says that you really want to work there and you are very interested.

So my advice to you is to NOT sit and wait, but to be proactive and reach out to them when they appear silent to you.

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by Don Georgevich

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