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Here’s how NOT to make mistakes when setting your career goals

career goal examplesWhen setting career objectives, everyone is willing to give you an example of how it’s supposed to be done, bost people have no clue how to begin the process.

Ideally, showing someone a career objective example is good enough and then they can make their own rather quickly.

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But it is important to use examples only as a starting point for your own.

When putting these together, realize that you will use different language for your personal plan and the objectives you might list on a CV or resume.

And some of your career goals will not appear on any resume you write. You may want to gain experience as an employee before opening your own business. Most people do not want to list that they are looking to open their own business on a resume for a job.

Let’s look at some examples. On a day-to-day basis career goals are more simple but more focused. For example, if you have a problem with communications, you may set a goal of “Answering emails and voice mails within 24 hours of receipt.”

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Some of your goals may be more mid-range. If you want to complete a degree that you are close to completing, you might have a goal in your list such as “Take final classes to complete bachelor’s degree in marketing by end of this year.”

How to write your own career objective with these examples

In setting current career objective goals, examples usually focus on where you want your career to be in X number of years. So, one example would be “To move into a management position in ABC Company by the end of next year.” For those looking to make their current job better, the goal might focus on integrating company goals into their current position even in the short term.

For example, a sales manager might make a goal of “Increasing the sales figures for my division by 25% by the end of this year.” A longer-term goal might be to “Develop a new sales strategy that will increase company sales by 75% in five years.”

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Many people go into careers to gain experience before starting their own company. So, on their personal career plan, they may have a long-term goal of “Opening my own consultation business at the end of five years.”

For those that already have their own business, the career goals go in other directions. For someone that does online sales, a career goal may be to “Expand the company’s product offerings by 100% by the end of next year.”

For a company that wants to expand, a small business owner might make a goal of “Hiring one full-time and one-part time employee by the end of this year.” When setting career goals, look at other examples, but only use them to get inspiration. It’s important for you to use your own  aspirations to come up with your own personal career goals.

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by Don Georgevich

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