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How do I negotiate salary – How do I ask about salary?

Customer question on: How to negotiate salary for a new job

How do I negotiate salary? What the offer the company gave me is about $20,000 less than industry average. Is there room to negotiate additional salary, and if so, how much without taking myself out of the running?

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Don’s answer to: negotiating salary for a new job and salary requirements

I’ve been in this position before, where the offer was much less than I wanted and I needed to negotiate additional salary for a new job.

Basically, you have two choices, you can walk or negotiate. Always try to negotiate salary for a new job. If it’s the place you want to work, and they really like you, but can’t afford your higher salary, then try to make up for the salary difference with benefits.

If all else fails, then ask if they will increase your salary after 90 days of employment at your new job. This way, they get to try you out for a lower cost and if you really are the star performer they hoped for, then maybe they’ll be willing to pay you more.

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If they are really paying you $20,000 less than the industry average, then you need to weigh that out. Can you easily get $20k more somewhere else, or would it be just as difficult to get that much salary for a new job? The industry average varies all over the country and is based on supply and demand.

If you really want the new job, and they really want you, try to meet them half way and make up for it with benefits with a promise of increased salary for your new job down the road.

If you are just a number to them, you will have a harder time negotiating because at that point they are just price shopping, and what I mean by a number is more of an entry level position in a large corporation.

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In the Complete Interview Answer Guide, I cover salary negotiations is much greater detail than what I can do here in this article.


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by Don Georgevich

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