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How to Be Calm in a Job Interview?

Customer question on: how to be calm in a job interview

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I do have a particular issue I would like you to include…how to be calm and stop the nerves from overtaking you during a job interview! I have been on 2 interviews and I have another one coming up on Thursday. I am concerned about being tongue tied and nervous!

What can you suggest??? – Judy

Don’s answer to: being calm during a job interview

Most people are nervous during interviews because they fear what the interviewer will ask and that they won’t know how to answer the question. The best way to overcome this is to study the answers in The Complete Interview Answer Guide and make sure you have a good canned answer for all the common interview  questions.

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Once you are comfortable answering the common questions, answering the harder ones becomes easier. Once the interview starts, they always start off with all the basic questions, like: why are you looking, why do you want to work here, etc. Make sure you can nail each of these questions and this will create a momentum for you throughout your interview and your nerves will quickly subside because you are confident. And confidence is the whole to key to remaining calm in the interview.

Plus, the more interviews you go on, the easier they will get and more comfortable you will be. I used to go on every possible interview I could get, just for the practice. I have been on up to 10 interviews in a single week, though I was unemployed at the time. I figured if I interviewed like crazy, I would get really good, and be well-prepared for the one that really matteredI hope this helps.

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by Don Georgevich

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