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How To Cancel a Job Interview And Reschedule It

how to cancel a job interviewIt is never good to cancel and interview and reschedule it, but if you are forced to be sure that you have a legitimate reason.

The best way to cancel an interview and reschedule it is to contact the HR department of a company, and to reschedule it with them, or with the interviewers office assistant as soon as you can.

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This will allow the department or the assistant to reschedule you in somewhere else, and if you give enough notice they can put something into the interviewer’s schedule in place of your original time slot.

If you are forced to contact the interviewer directly they are going to notice that you are cancelling the interview, so be sure to include an apology with your phone call. Try calling the person to speak with them directly at least two times.

If they don’t answer, or don’t return your calls, then send them an email if possible. It is much better to cancel an interview and reschedule it on the phone with them directly, however you don’t want to let a lot of time go by, and the sooner the better. If you have to send an email start the letter out apologizing for having to cancel, and explaining what has come up quickly.

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Next state how much you would still love the opportunity to interview for the position with that specific company, and ask them what would be another good time for them. When you cancel and interview and reschedule it far before the actual date of the interview, you are going to be more likely get a second chance, and the company may not think much of it.

People who wait until the last minute and call when they are supposed to be there probably won’t get another chance at the interview.

It is going to look very irresponsible for you to cancel and interview, so you may even want to cross this option for employment off of the list after you cancel. A company isn’t going to want someone who doesn’t put their interview as a priority in their life. If there was a death in the family or emergency you may want to provide documentation to show this to them, so that there is no confusion about the situation.

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Being courteous and having a legitimate reason for rescheduling is the best way to cancel and interview and reschedule it. First impressions are very important, and you don’t want your first impression to be the person who missed their interview, or rescheduled at the last minute.

Then the employer may think that you will be tardy for work, late on deadlines, and that you aren’t considerate or professional. Make sure the reasons is a good legitimate one, and as soon as you know you have to reschedule an interview get in contact with whoever you need to right away. Do it before anyone thinks anything of it and before they put a lot of thought into it you rescheduling.

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