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How to Give Salary Requirements without Sounding Over-PRICED

how to give salary requirements

Job seeker question:

How to give salary requirements when you were making $100k+, but new jobs are paying much less.

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I have been in this position before so I know what you are going through. I would suggest that you follow suit with their salary range – if their range is $50k to $80k, which is pretty broad, then I would tell them my range is $65k to $85k, though if they think you are only qualified at the low end, then you find it to be a struggle to get more.

If they ask about your last salary and how much you were making at your last job, I might undercut myself in certain cases and tell them around $90k (or a little less than I was) so I don’t scare them off, but every situation is different and what is right for me may not be good for you. I don’t feel too bad about telling someone that I was making a little less that I actually was.

Sometimes if you were making way more than jobs are paying, employers may not want to hire you because they feel you’ll be a short timer and constantly be on the lookout for something that pays more.

It could also work to your advantage by telling them what you were actually making because now they’ll see that they are getting you “on sale.”


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by Don Georgevich

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