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How to Prepare for a Panel Interview – Four Ways to Get Ready for a Stressful Interview Situation

Getting ready for a job interview includes many different areas. There are special considerations when the format involves being interviewed by a panel, or group of people. Learning how to prepare for a panel interview is focused on having enough materials for the panel members and doing appropriate research.

Several areas of preparation apply to all job interviews, but are more important or change slightly when there is a panel involved. Here are four key points to consider when preparing for an interview with a panel.

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Four Steps on Preparing for a Panel Interview

1. First, preparing for the panel interview begins with finding out how many interviewers will be on your panel. If the company representative will tell you, find out the names of the panelists or their job titles. Research before a panel interview entails memorizing the names of the people on your panel and what they do for the company.

This will help you be able to address them by name during the interview and understand motivation behind some of the questions asked. How to prepare for a panel interview should also include research into the open position and the company. You can highlight your strengths in light of the company’s philosophy or mission.

2. Second, how to prepare for a panel interview involves getting together the things you need to take to the actual interview. When setting up the interview, make sure that you ask if the panelist want you to bring anything specific to the interview.

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Even if they say no, go the extra mile and prepare a copy of your resume and portfolio for each of the panel members. In addition, get ready by planning an outfit that is likely to convey professional to a wide range of individuals. Multiple people are on panels, so it is even more important to dress professionally and neatly.

Limit perfume or cologne, make-up, and jewelry to avoid activating allergies or offending panel members.

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3. Third, you can get ready for your interview before a panel by learning how to control your body language and voice in stressful situations. Concentrate on avoiding nervous habits. Keep your body language open.

No crossing your arms across your body or frowning at the panelists. How to prepare for a panel interview has to do with giving off an air of professionalism. A pleasant expression and calm demeanor are very important.

Confidently shake the hands of the panelists when you enter and leave the room. Make eye contact with them and smile appropriately.

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4. Fourth, learning how to prepare for a panel interview also has to do with getting ready for the question and answer portion. Make sure you are very familiar with your resume and portfolio, even going so far as to memorize your resume.

A Few More Panel Interview Preparation Tips

This allows you to reference items quickly during answers to questions. Also, prepare answer for common questions, like your strengths and weaknesses. Also, get ready to tell some of your experiences, some that started positively and some that began negatively. All of them should showcase actions that you took to bring about a positive outcome.

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