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How to use one job offer to get two offers

One of my coaching students just received two job offers!

But the offer he really wanted didn’t come in yet.

My student doesn’t want to pass on the two active job offers because he’d rather have a job, than no job at all.

But he really wants to work for the other company.

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This sort of scenario happens all the time. And in cases like this, you can use your active job offers as leverage to try and force the other company to give you an offer.

The technique works well, but you still need to play it with caution so you don’t anger or insult the people at the company where you really want to be.

Here’s what I told my student:

“Play it wisely. If you really have another offer on the table and you want to use that as leverage to make the other employer move faster, then call them up and explain your dilemma.

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Tell them you have another offer on the table, but you would rather work for them because….[blank]. You need to fill in the blank with your reasons for why you want to work there verses somewhere else.

Here are three possible responses you could get from them:

1. Okay, thank you for letting us know and we’ll consider that.
2. We’re very pleased with what we have seen from you and we’d like to extend an offer to you.
3. We’re not ready to move yet, so you might want to consider the other offer.
If the latter, now you are in a tricky spot. If you really have another offer then take it, but if not, now you have nothing and you can’t move forward with the job you want when they are ready to make a hiring decision.”

This technique is a great way to get employers to budge who are slow to make you an offer. Just consider all angles before you do anything because one wrong move could cost you a job opportunity.

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by Don Georgevich

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