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How to word a resume – good keywords for your resume

ideas for using good keywords on your resumeWriting Powerful Statements that have good keywords for your resume

In this section I’m going to show you several good keywords to improve and energize your existing achievement statements.

We already covered how to write achievement statements in Lesson 4, Writing Your Work History.

This lesson is a continuation from those exercises and is designed to show you many more examples of how to write your own powerful statements.

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If you have not read the lesson on creating achievement statements in Lesson 4, I would suggest doing so before continuing.

Writing Powerful Accomplishment & Achievement Statements Using Power Words

On the next page is a list of power words and action verbs you can use to give your achievement statements that extra punch. It is best to use a power word at or near the beginning of each achievement statement.

For example:

  • Increased sales…
  • Boosted profits…
  • Improved customer satisfaction…
  • Established an on-line presence…

Writing achievement statements takes time. There is an art to creating achievement statements, but after reading through the many examples in this chapter, you’ll quickly get the idea and a better understanding for the proper language and style to use.

How to Write a Resume that Gets Employers Excited!

The key to writing a great achievement statement is to start off by putting the action words, or verbs near the beginning of the statement followed by what you did to achieve results, and the value of those results. To create stronger achievement statements, if possible, use proven and measurable results.

I strongly suggest writing achievement statements for every one of your accomplishments, no matter how small, menial or insignificant it may be – just write it. Doing so is a great exercise in writing power achievement statements and will give you the practice you need to transform your past accomplishments into powerful achievement statements that pack a strong punch.

Having a few examples of how other job seekers created powerful achievement statements will probably give you a quick jump start to creating your own. Following the power words section, I’ll show you how other job hunters have written their achievement statements. These will give you the edge you need to start writing powerful achievement statements of your own.

The following power words are broken up into seven different categories: Management, sales, communications, office or clerical, teaching, technical, and finance.

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Use power words to more accurately communicate your abilities and accomplishments to an employer and try to avoid using these words more than twice on your resume. If you have the need to use a word more than twice, then consider selecting an alternative from your thesaurus. Also, avoid using big and complicated words that everyone may not understand.

There are hundreds more keywords to use in the Resume Masterpiece.

Words for Communications, Office, Sales, Marketing, Clerical, Finance, Banking, Technical, Teaching and many more.

Sampling of Power Achievement Statement Examples

Use these examples of how other job seekers created powerful achievement statements to jumpstart creating your own.

Accounting Achievement Statements

  • Provided over $100M in capital as an advisor for emerging market companies, including development of strategic business and marketing plans.
  • Raised $28M in financing as principal for Start-up Company from private equity investors.
  • Established inventory management system that helped reduce inventory levels from 3% to 0.2% in 2007, while sales increased by 41%.
  • Improved loan approval process, reducing turnaround time 54% in declining market for GMAC.

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Administrative Achievement Statements

  • Provide first-line customer support, technical and administrative support for online students.
  • Proven track record of accurately completing research, reporting, information management, marketing, and business-development efforts within budget requirements.
  • Developed new Employee Reference Guide, which helped employees better understand the company, its operations, and who to contact with questions.
  • Designed, developed and implemented a product awareness program to increase employees’ knowledge of customer service that ultimately resulted in a 33% increase in sales.

Engineering & Technology Achievement Statements

  • Standardized Semiconductor process tooling for advanced photomask fabrication resulting in 32% increased revenue through improved product performance.
  • Introduced more than 30 new products from the development cycle through prototype boosting yearly net profits 17%.
  • Reverse engineered semiconductor equipment and developed enhanced repair strategies that saved customers more than 50% in OEM supplier repair costs.
  • Increased engineering department efficiencies 31% by significantly improving computer systems support and software training.

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Health Care Achievement Statements

  • Grew Edward Medical Group from 4 physicians in 2 offices to 30 physicians and 160+ employees in 12 office locations and subsequently increased annual revenue from $1 million to $ 12.5 million.
  • Achieved patient satisfaction score of 98% average for all Edward Medical Group practices; corporate goal was 80%.
  • Developed a reward and recognition program resulting in one of the lowest annual employee turn-over rates (9.8% annually) in the corporation.

Human Resources Achievement Statements

  • Increased employee retention 16% by improving employee compensation benefits.
  • Implemented three tier systems, which included high, mid and low ranges, marking compensation status for each position with company.
  • Researched, reviewed and realigned compensation for management positions in nine locations across seven states, thus improving manager retention.
  • Explored, reviewed and selected health benefits for both companies ensuring the needs of the employees in seven states.

How to Write a Resume that Gets Employers Excited!

Management Achievement Statements

  • Oversaw software quality and configuration management for the $6B F16 Block Flight program.
  • Delivered requirements and end-user training product on budget and four months ahead of schedule.
  • Attained a 100% inspection pass rate by molding the line group into a cohesive team.
  • Took an extremely under-bid proposal and made it profitable despite the need for additional resources to meet basic contract requirements.

Teaching Achievement Statements

  • Increased student performance school wide in mathematics 13 points by training teachers to move towards implementing a standards-based classroom.
  • Decreased number of Level 1-mathematics students from 30% to 17% by creating and utilizing effective level one plans for students not meeting standards on the CRCT.
  • Raised Level 3 performances of students from 12% to 25% on the CRCT in mathematics by increasing awareness through Vertical Teaming and developing grade level lesson plans.

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In Summary

  • It is best to use power words and action verbs at the beginning of your achievement statements on your resume.
  • The more achievement statements you write, the better you’ll get, so keep writing.
  • Write achievement statements for every one of your accomplishments, even if you have no plans of using it. Do it just for practice.

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Ace Your Job Interview With This Little Trick

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