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Job Interview Dress Code – How to Dress for the Advantage in the Job Market

One basic rule of thumb for job interview attire is to dress for a position above the one for which you are interviewing. Job interview dress code standards are generally understood to be more formal than you will dress after you have the job.

A more conservative and formal outfit will show the interviewer that you are serious about getting the job and sends a message of a diligent work ethic. However, it is also advisable to tailor your wardrobe choices for the interview to the particular field, company, and position you want. Some companies are traditional and conservative while others are more modern.

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It can be helpful to find out how employees and managers dress everyday by visiting the company or asking about the company dress code.

Keeping a Neat and Clean Dress Code

However, your job interview dress code should always include neat, clean clothes that appropriately cover the body. No waistlines should ride down on the behind, and shirts should cover the stomach completely as well as not show too much cleavage.

Full length pants should be worn rather than shorts, and skirts should not be too short or too tight. Bright colors and wild patterns are usually not the best option for an interview either. You want your appearance to make a good impression on the person interviewing you, and not turn them off in the first glance.

Other hygiene issues should also be cared for well. In an interview situation, make sure you have showered, are wearing deodorant, have neatly trimmed, clean nails, and have brushed your teeth. In the areas of perfume/aftershave, make-up, and jewelry, less is usually more.  Consider reading What to Wear to a Job Interview.

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Studying the website and company look can often give you a good idea about the job interview dress code. For instance, if the environment is dominated by younger managerial staff, the attire might be dominated by dressy jeans and dress shirts rather than suits.

Or, you might be interviewing for a job that is more hands-on. If you are interviewing to be a welder in a motorcycle shop and will have to demonstrate skills, you need to wear appropriate clothes to do some welding. However, you should still make sure that clothes are clean and do not have holes or stains.

Business Interview Dress Code

For most business, professional, or education jobs, suits are the best choice to stay within the job interview dress code. Dark colors with white long sleeve shirts are best with moderate shoes. Ladies should wear hosiery that is neutral in color.

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Conservative ties are appropriate for men. Body piercings and tattoos should be covered or removed when possible. A professional briefcase or portfolio is the standard accessory at a job interview. If you carry a purse, make sure it is organized and conservative.

Under no circumstances, should you undress during an interview. Do not attempt to show the interviewer your tattoo, body piercing, strange scar, great muscles, or anything that is covered by clothes.

Casual attire such as jeans, sweat suits, t-shirts, tank tops, flip-flops, shorts, etc. is not acceptable. The job interview dress code is about making the focus of your interview your qualifications rather than a clothing item that turns the interviewer off.

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