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Knowing when to send a thank you letter

how to write thank you letters

Thank you letters may be a fashion of the past, but you can never go wrong letting someone know that you appreciate them. That will never be out of style.

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Often an email is not the place to tell someone of your gratitude. Hand written thank you letters can say more than an email ever could.

It is easy to write an email, but requires much more to hand write a note. You say you care when you take the time to write a personal note of thanks.

At work or in a job interview, where things need to be more formal, knowing how to write a thank you letter is very important.

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There are different guidelines that pertain to different professional situations. Be sure you give your thanks appropriately in the work setting. Show your appreciation without overstepping your bounds.

Knowing how to write thank you letters following a job interview demands careful attention. It can be tricky to pull off well. It is mostly a follow up that keeps you fresh in the minds of those that might hire you.

But you can’t make it sound that way. Full contact information should be included at the top of the letter as in any business letter. The salutation should be professional and address the person as Mr. or Ms., thank them for the interview, and assure them of your enjoyment of learning about the company. Remind them of why you would fit into the company and position so well. Mention anything that you failed to talk about in the interview that might help.

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Thank you letters are often something that interns, student teachers, and students of mentors find themselves needing to do. Knowing how to write thank you letters in this situation is also necessary.

Depending upon the relationship developed during the internship these may be more personal than other workplace thank you letters. But they must also maintain a certain level of professionalism since they are thank you letters in a workplace of sorts. These letters must also express gratitude and specific reasons.

They can express that you are glad that you were able to learn from them for a period of time. These may or may not include contact information in order for the two to remain associates.

Whether or not you get the job you interview for; even if the internship doesn’t turn into a permanent job you can still show your gratitude. It takes a special person to be appreciative without the expectation of receiving anything in return.

The best thank you letters are those that really express gratitude. Making the effort to say thank you even when you didn’t get the job will really set you apart. Employers will remember you for that and it could mean that they will look to you in the future for hiring needs. When the internship doesn’t turn into a job, you can still appreciate what you learned and the experience you gained.

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by Don Georgevich

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