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Nailing the Job Interview with the Right Answer

When it comes to a job interview, preparation is half the battle. If you can prepare yourself accordingly, it will be much easier for you to have the right answers to difficult interview questions.

There are many questions that you will be asked that seem very elusive and you might not be sure how to answer them. Educate yourself on popular job interview questions and how to give the right response so that you have a better opportunity at landing the job. The interview is often the ‘make or break’ point for you and you need to make sure that it is not the latter result.

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5 Ways to Give the Right Answer to Difficult Interview Questions:

1.   Always be professional, concise, and thorough in your answers. It can be difficult to give a good answer while keeping it brief. However, employers do not want to hear your life story or spend 20 minutes on each interview question. Take a few seconds to think about your answer before responding and practice ahead of time so that you are better prepared.

2.    Don’t give vague responses. When an employer asks why you want to work for them, for example, you shouldn’t say ‘because I like your company’ or ‘because I’m qualified’. Not only are those answers boring, but they are also very vague and not going to get you the job. Do a little homework about the company and make sure that you have a short, detailed answer for every question that may come up.

3.    Always be positive. When you answer questions negatively, employers will notice. Whether the negative tone is taken toward yourself or the company, it isn’t going to end well. You need to be confident and a negative attitude is not a good example of that. You also need to be positive about the company because the last thing they want is to hire someone who thinks low of them.

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4.    The one fateful question that most people struggle with is usually the opening statement: “Tell me about yourself“. This question causes upheaval for almost every interviewee because they aren’t sure where to start, or stop, their explanation. This is when your employer wants to know a little about you personally and professionally, and that is what you should provide. Don’t give your life story or relay cute anecdotes of your kids (unless prompted). Just give a few details about yourself and your professional self.

5.    When your personal and professional abilities are challenged, do NOT be defensive. An employer that asks why you aren’t more successful at your age is trying to see what your attitude is like and what your motivation level is. They aren’t trying to taunt you. Instead of getting defensive or imagining punching someone in the face for being rude, explain that you are conducting a job search to move forward in your career and improve your position/salary.

Answering tricky interview questions is never a perfect science. However, if you can research and prepare yourself ahead of time, you’ll have a lot better luck in giving good answers in your next interview.

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by Don Georgevich

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