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PeopleSoft Interview Questions and Answers

The dream job of many IT professionals is to work with PeopleSoft. PeopleSoft is a company founded by Dave Duffield and Ken Morris. The PeopleSoft company creates software for the business community. The company’s applications provide connections between business entities within the company and in the community.

It affects many areas of business, streamlining communication processes and making the business of business more profitable. One of the reasons it is so desirable to work there is that employees are dealt with very generously. Because of the sheer numbers of applicants, PeopleSoft interview questions and answers can be extensive and very technical in nature.

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In fact, the PeopleSoft interview questions and answers are so detailed that software developers who need to brush up on their skills refer to these questions and answers as a tutorial. The thousands of questions used are split up into six categories.

These category divisions are: component interface interview questions, PeopleCode (a programming language) interview questions, PeopleTools (the software development environment containing Application Designer, Application Engine, PeopleCode, Data Mover, and more) interview questions, PS admin (web-based administration tool) interview questions, SQR (Structured Query Reporter) interview questions, and PS mixed (a variety of topics) interview questions.

Additional Resources for PeopleSoft Job Interviews

There are even books published and numerous websites devoted to providing PeopleSoft interview questions and answers that will work with them. These can be used to prepare for job interviews not just at the PeopleSoft company but also with other software developing businesses and as a brush-up on software development skills before a meeting, project start, or exam.

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Some may even be used by a business that uses PeopleSoft applications wanting to ascertain if a potential employee is proficient enough in using them. These questions are focused on operations within PeopleSoft software applications on in software development. For instance, one question might be: “How do you insert and update rows into a record using Application Engine and Component Interface?”

However, some PeopleSoft interview questions and answers are focused not just on the technical side of the business but with your previous experience with manipulating the language of PeopleCode or the applications in PeopleTools.

Details of PeopleSoft Job Interview Questions

A question along this line will probably not be phrased as a question but as an open-ended statement, such as “Explain with an example where you used PeopleCode extensively” or “Tell me about your experience with CI (Component Interface). If a question like “Have you worked with functions, procedures in SQR?” is asked, you should go ahead and give a brief explanation of your experience rather than simply answering yes or no.

Another possible structure of PeopleSoft interview questions and answers is the hypothetical situation. In these types of questions, the interviewer will give you a scenario and have you explain how to use the software to solve the problem.

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Another variation is to give you a set of members and variables and ask you to define a class of members and write a program to manage the variables. The PeopleSoft question sets are extensive and excellent at displaying technical proficiency within the PS family of applications.

The Complete Interview Answer Guide is not specific to PeopleSoft Interview Questions and answers, but it is designed to teach you the right interview language to use when answering interview questions. Once you start reading my example answers, you’ll quickly grasp my answering technique and be able to apply it to any type of interview question, even for PeopleSoft Interview Questions. Many of my past customers have applied for jobs and PeopleSoft and all have told me the guide was an invaluable resource to getting hired in their field.

The guide is not designed for you to memorize my answers, but more importantly, to give you the right interview language to use through my many examples, so you can answer anything they throw at you.

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129 Sample Questions and Answers You Can Use to Get Hired for Any Job

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