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Best way to answer “Tell Me About Yourself”

answering employer questions about tell me about yourselfWhen I worked at Exxon Mobil and conducted job interviews, I usually started off by asking the candidate to “Tell me About Yourself.”

I liked to start off that way because I felt it was a good ice breaker and I wanted to ease into the interview without making the person feel nervous.
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How to get hired when employers keep telling you no

Are you tired of hearing “no” from employers?

What about when you ask your boss for a raise?

What if you knew what to say to make employers want to hire you, or your boss give you a raise?


I just wrote this new article for you that shows why you might be struggling with job interviews or getting that promotion and you can read it here.

I shared this last week and the HR Director of a $50M company wrote me and said it was brilliant.

I don’t know if I’d go that far …but I think you’ll find this super helpful.

Anyway – nothing to opt in for, nothing to buy ….just some proven tips for selling yourself.

This caused a little bit of controversy with some noted career experts. I’d love your input in the comments section.

Read it here:  How to get hired for jobs from employers who say no

3 tips guaranteed to get you hired

Getting hired for jobs these days is DIFFICULT.  And today I want to share with you 3 interviewing tips that will give you a distinct advantage over your competition and put in the front of the hiring line.

1.) Quantify your results when speaking of accomplishments: By quantifying your results and saying exactly what you will do when they give you the job, you are clearly separating yourself from your competition and connecting with prospective employers by telling them exactly what they want to hear.

For example, if a candidate said: “If I’m chosen for this position, my goal will be to meet and exceed the position requirements; and if that leads to more opportunities down the road, I think that would be great for all of us!”

But that is a weak statement.

Instead you want to say what you will do and how you will do it — and use numbers to quantify your results

Best of all, your forward thinking shows you have a plan for this job.

2.) “Never take silence as a sign an employer is not interested in you.

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How to dress for a phone interview

Do you know why you should wear a business suit to a phone interview?

It’s near impossible to search for jobs without getting a phone interview. A phone interview is your chance to give an employer a quick peak of what you’re all about.  Most job seekers seem to forget this, but the whole point of the phone interview is to qualify you for an in-person interview. That’s it.

Knowing that, here’s a few techniques you can use to help you score an in-person interview on your next phone interview.

Be enthusiastic: Some people find it helps to smile while they talk. Use a land line, and disable call waiting. Interruptions caused by dropped or incoming calls just add stress you don’t need.

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How to answer “Why you were fired” in under 20 seconds…

Most of the time when people get fired they don’t really deserve it and it had nothing to do with their performance.

It could have been for any reason – corporate downsizing, internal politics, not getting along with the new manager, etc.

And now they are faced with the black mark of having been fired.

So what are you supposed to say to prospective employers about why you were fired?

Follow these guidelines to develop your answer to this question:

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Here’s how the interview process is supposed to work…

1.) We send out resumes
2.) We get called for a job interview
3.) We get called back for a second & third job interview
4.) And then we get a job offer

Well at least that’s how it’s supposed to work.  But what are you supposed to do when you are expecting the offer, but it never comes?

Employers might even be so bold as to tell you they plan to make you an offer within the next week.  But what happens when that week has come and gone?

You had a HOT lead and now it’s cooling off. You want to contact them before they forget about you.

This is where a planned follow-up strategy comes into play.

Ideally, at the end of your interview, you should ask them if they mind if you follow-up with them within a given time period. When you do that, now you have their permission to call them.

If you are expecting an offer and it has not come yet, don’t hesitate to call them. And I mean call them, not email, not text, not voice mail. Do your best to catch them at their phone.

Once you do, simply ask them for the status of the position or the offer.

Be prepared to talk to them and consider possible responses and then plan your reply accordingly.

If after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to reach them by phone, you can leave a brief voice message regarding the status of the position and ask them to call you back at their earliest convenience.

It’s that easy…

Criminal history interview questions got you down?

Have you ever been asked, “Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor?”

That’s a tough one to answer if  you’ve been convicted.

Hopefully you can just say no.

Keep in mind that a felony and a misdemeanor are two different crimes, with the latter one being less serious.

So if they ask you about a felony, and you have a misdemeanor, you can honestly say no.

They might also ask you if you have been convicted of a crime, thus covering all their bases.

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How to hide unemployment gaps

Are you worried about employment gaps?

Are you even more worried what you’ll say to prospective employers about the large gaps on your resume?

I made a short video for you that will give you a few good pointers on how to handle situations like this.

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Most job candidates screw-up this question…

On your next interview, they are going to ask you about your past accomplishments.

They will want to know how your efforts in your last job benefited the company you worked for.

This is a great opportunity for you to brag about yourself but at the same time you don’t want to overdo it.

I made a video that explains exactly how you can brag about yourself to a prospective employer and look awesome.

Most candidates’ screw-up this question, but I don’t want to see that happen to you.

You can watch the video here:

What are your biggest accomplishments

What are your biggest accomplishments?

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