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Resume Example – Management

resume example for an executiveHeidi is a pricing director and she has been with the same company for over 20 years.

She has no other experience except for this one job.

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Some people feel that having only one job may disqualify you from other opportunities because they feel the depth of your experience is limited to only one job and one company.

Well, in Heidi’s case all you have to do is look at her vast amount of accomplishments and you’ll soon realize that she is capable of doing anything.

Though she has 20+ years of experience, her resume is only one page and packs a solid punch.

Let’s look at Heidi’s accomplishment-packed resume:

Heidi Pierce
69525 Brighton Rd. ● Arlington, VA 22651 ● 585-375-6648 ●

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OBJECTIVE: Wholesale Corporate Pricing Director


  • A proven manager with a record of consistently increasing sales, revenue and profits.
  • Strong track record of collaboratively tackling cross-functional and cross-business issues.
  • Excellent communicator and speaker with high level negotiating skills.
  • High-visibility in working with major suppliers to develop new products and vertical market strategies.


EBER BROS. CORP, Rochester, New York – Corporate Pricing Director, 1987 – 2008

A major multi-state $700M wine and liquor wholesaler serving New York, Ohio, Connecticut
and Delaware markets.

  • Charged with developing a pricing strategy and deployment of the daily pricing initiative.
  • Directed and ensured the implementation of all State and Federal legal compliance regulations.
  • Provided legislative review and analysis for CEO and lobbyist.
  • Generated list prices and competitive discount price points for current and new products.
  • Analyzed market pricing using elasticity to ensure consistency and profit optimization.
  • Instituted pocket price waterfall analysis to diagnose and capture opportunities in transaction pricing resulting in increased profits.
  • Established pricing architecture for individual markets to facilitate market based competitive pricing and utilization of internal benchmarks and cost information.
  • Identified new pricing opportunities and “what if” analysis.
  • Initiated a new gap analysis program to reduce and/or eliminate price erosion.
  • Strengthened regional promotional-pricing strategies for developing new and existing brands.
  • Analyzed competitive regional pricing activities by using market data, price surveys and field sales intelligence to help drive category sales.

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B.A., Business Management, George Washington University, 2007
Member Professional Pricing Society
Featured author and speaker on numerous sales analysis, marketing and negotiating workshops.


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