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Sample administrative thank you letter

Here is a good example of a thank you letter you can use for an administrative job interview follow-up

Joseph Johnson

1245 Azalea St.
Cleveland, Ohio 78910

June 15, 20xx

Michael Dunn Personnel Hiring Pridelands Inc.
7 North 60th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 78910

Dear Mr. Dunn:

Thank you for the interview. I appreciate the time we spent together. You will recall that most of my experience is in finance and accounting. I will be able to slide right into the billing position you are trying to fill. I welcome the added responsibility of handling some administrative tasks as well.

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I did make it clear that I have no professional administrative experience, but in my personal life I handle administrative things on a regular basis. If you would like to hear about this I will gladly come in again to speak about it or would welcome a phone call. I believe that it would not be difficult for me to learn the administrative side of business.

Thank you again for your time. I look forward to discussing this more with you.


Joseph Johnson (signature)

Joseph Johnson

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