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Sample thank you letter after a job interview

thank you note for job interviewWriting a thank you letter after a job interview is like raising your hand and saying that you really want the job.

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It separates you from everyone else who is applying to this job and gives you the opportunity to re-introduce yourself to the company.

It also reminds them that you are still available for the job — and that you really want it.

Here is a perfect sample of what you might want to say when you write a thank you letter for after a job interview.

Sample thank you notes for job interview

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Joseph Johnson
1245 Azalea St.
New York, NY 78910


[email protected]

September 25, 20xx

Michael Dunn
Sales Manager
Holiday Apparel
7 North 60th Street
New York,  NY 78910

Dear Mr. Dunn:

I appreciate the time you spent in my interview. I was excited to learn that you want an account executive that acts as an advocate for the client. I believe that taking care of the client is the best way to retain business and get new business.

I am a good fit for your sales team that works together to build solid plans that will increase sales. My years of experience would add a lot to your already established team and tactics.

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thank you for the time you spent getting to know me and telling me about your business. I am interested in bringing my skills to your team and look forward to hearing from you.


Joseph Johnson (signature)

Joseph Johnson

End of sample thank you notes after a job interview.

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by Don Georgevich

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