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Second Interview Tips – Second Interview Questions

Customer question:

I have a second interview and it is with 4 people, 30 mins each, back to back along with having lunch in their cafeteria and touring one of their plants with all the other 2nd interview candidates.

I have already asked for, and received, the names and titles of those interviewing, do you have any second interview tips on how to handle this last round?


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Don’s answer to: Second Interivew Tips for back to back interviews

They may even have a third round of interviews with some VPs – it just depends.

They definitely see something they like. One of the biggest second interview tips I have to to make sure you let them know you have a plan for your new job and that you have been doing your homework. Let them know you are serious about this job.

At this point, they are starting to believe you have something to offer. Let them know you are a team player, a leader, a teacher, and back it up with real examples from your past. You may not realize it, but in one way or another, you have been all three of these, but if it’s not obvious to you, dig deep and you will something.

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Remember, they also trust the judgment of the people you have already interviewed with, but just want to see for themselves what you are made of. Plus, they may want to dig deeper into what your own plans are for the job. How are you going to do it? How are you going to overcome any hurdles. How do you know when you have been successful? Polish up on questions like that and you’ll be set.

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Also, make sure the answers you have given previously are consistent with your answers for the second interview so you don’t create any contradictions.

A great tip is to give yourself that extra edge and stand out by giving a firm handshake to everyone you meet and look him/her in the eye. Smile with a big grin and show your teeth. Showing your teeth is the ultimate smile and is the best and most exciting way to introduce yourself.  Plus, your image will last longer in their minds.


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by Don Georgevich

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