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Smart Job Seekers Do This…

How to Get Hired for Any Job

Let’s face it — Getting hired for a job is not easy.

Some people seem to be better at it than others. So what are some of the key characteristics that make up the elite group of successful job candidates?

What are they doing that makes employers want to hire them?

1. They show relevance
They clearly demonstrate to interviewers how their background and career goals are consistent with the requirements for the job. When your background and experience matches the job description, that makes it all the easier for employers to want to hire you.

Make it easy for them — connect the dots and show them why you are the right person for the job.

2. They show consistency
All of their recent work experience is consistent with the requirements for the job. Their resume is consistent with the job description. When employers talk to them, their conversation is consistent with their resume.

The Resume Masterpiece shows you exactly how to write your resume so it’s consistent with the job description.

When employers search them out on LinkedIn, their profile is consistent with their resume. In short, their whole career profile, both off-line and on-line is consistent and comes around full-circle and your resume is a very crucial element in this circle.

There are no dead ends — they know exactly what they want, and thus are more likely to get what they want.

3. They practice how they’ll answer interview questions
You can’t walk into an interview cold. You have to practice how you’ll answer common interview questions, like: why do you want to work here, tell me about yourself, how does your background fit in with our department, etc.

4. They are always planning their next move
Successful candidates are always thinking ahead. They are planning out what they will say and do based on how their interview goes. If the employer says, “we’ll get back to you,” they’ll say, “when can I expect to hear from you?” or “do you mind if I follow-up with you in two weeks?”

It doesn’t end there – they know exactly how to drill-down into employers to poke and prod them for useful information that will aid them in navigating their candidacy towards a job offer.

This is a complicated strategy, no doubt about it, and having a strategic job coach guide you through this maze can make all the difference in developing a sound strategy that is certain to close the gap on landing your dream job.

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by Don Georgevich

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