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Top 5 jobs you can get with a Biology Degree

It is true that biology has many more interesting year to it so that means that the possibilities are endless when it comes to a biology degree. Many people think of dissecting animals or looking at cadavers while in junior high and high school. However, a degree in biology can offer so much more than that. You can enter so many different careers.

You can even become the teacher that helps students along with dissecting animals. Also, many people believe that if you get a degree in biology, you will have to be in the medical field, this is not at all true. Let’s take a look at an idea of what you can do with a biology degree.

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Of course, many students who enter the field of biology tend to move toward specializations that focus on endocrinology and genetics in order to find help and cures for diseases such as cancer that is life threatening.

Since humans are living longer and the baby boomers are now becoming the elderly, doctors as well as researchers are becoming more and more demanded and there are job openings all of the time. However, as said before, you can go into the field of biology and not become a doctor or some sort of medical researcher.

You can become an environmentalist with your biology degree. You can not only help with the idea of global warming but you can also work on ways for our naturally grown foods to be healthier as well as other agricultural and environmental needs. You can even become a meteorologist.

This does not necessarily mean that you need to be on the local news as the weather person, but that you can work for various state, local and federal companies that help to predict the weather and keep people safe. You can also work for the military is various ways in order to help predict the weather in war zones and help predict weather in fly zones as well.

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Alternate Biology Degree Options – Endless possibilities

If those jobs do not seem like a good fit for you, but you are still convinced in the idea of a biology degree, maybe try looking into becoming an educator. Biology is taught as early as second and third grade.

You can make a difference in the lives of children and help to understand where our air comes from and how it rains or the way that our bodies move and what a germ looks like. Or, if you love the outdoors, you can become an arborist and care for plants and trees while teaching other how to maintain them at home. This may even allow you to open your own lawn care business.

Truly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to career paths and what you can do with a biology degree. It is important to make sure that any college or university you are looking in to will have opportunities for you to receive hands on experience in the biology field you are interested in.

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