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What Can You Do with a Bachelors in Psychology?

People who are interested in human behavior often have an interest in psychology.

Simply put, psychology is the science of the human brain. Individuals who study psychology in college often learn about different parts of the brain and about the chemicals in our brains that influence our behavior.

They also learn about illnesses, conditions, and phenomena associated with the human brain. Not only can this discipline make a fascinating subject for bachelors degree programs, but it can also lead to an interesting career.

When you have a bachelors in psychology, there is a number of interesting career paths you can choose.

Social services: Many people who have a bachelors in psychology end up working in a social services agency.

There are a number of different options within this field, but in general you will be helping community members to adjust to new lifestyles and may also coach individuals who suffer from certain conditions or who are recovering from trauma.

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These jobs can be incredibly fulfilling and often lead to administrative positions in social services agencies.

Human resources professional: A human resources professional is an individual who takes care of all issues related to workers in an organization. This means that you will be helping troubled employees to solve their work related problems.

You can also give training seminars and take part in recruitment processes. Many human resource representatives are also responsible for helping employees who need health insurance and assisting with other kinds of paperwork.

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Jobs for Bachelors in Psychology

Rehabilitation specialist: This kind of job is a very specialized kind of position that you can earn with a bachelors in psychology. Rehabilitation refers to the act of helping others to get back on their feet again.

For example, in this job you might help an individual who is battling alcoholism to find a new job and adapt to a new lifestyle. You might also help to rehabilitate homeless individuals and people who have lost their jobs.

Teach at a high school: Many high schools offer students introduction to psychology courses. These classes tend to be quite popular among students who are young and curious about the world and the workings of the human brain.

As a high school teacher, you can pass on your knowledge of psychology and maybe even inspire a few aspiring psychologists. Keep in mind, however, that in many locations, degrees in education are necessary to teach at public schools. You may need to attend school for another year or two, but many programs allow you to teach while you learn.

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Go on to graduate school: Once you have a bachelors in psychology, you will have the opportunity to pursue a masters degree or PhD in the field. If you choose to do so, you will probably have to pick a certain concentration related to a branch of the science or working with a certain population.

Once you have a graduate degree, the number of jobs for bachelors in psychology will increase significantly. Once you receive a PhD, you will be able to practice as a psychologist and even teach university classes.

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