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What to Wear to a Job Interview – Tips on Dressing for Success

No matter what your tendency is toward originality and individuality in a sense of style, when you need to get a job, you may need to dress for the position rather than expression of your own style.

Human resource professionals and business leaders repeatedly state that they form an immediate opinion of a candidate’s work ethic. It is almost always best to choose more conservative for a job interview. So, what to wear to a job interview? There are some good ideas and specific wardrobe no-no’s to avoid.

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Wearing Casual Attire to a Job Interview

The biggest style choice that is taboo is showing up for your question with too few clothes on. If your shirt shows your midriff, pants ride down too low, skirt is too short, or you are showing too much cleavage, you can easily turn off the interviewer.

Another issue to be aware of is body piercings and tattoos. If you can, you should remove body piercing jewelry other than conservative earrings can wear long sleeves or collars to cover ink artwork.

Even if the dress code at the company is casual, it’s best to be overdressed for the job interview. Sweat suits, shorts, and clothes that are dirty or have holes are completely inappropriate.

Dressing for success shows the interviewer that you are serious about wanting the job and will take the position seriously. If these are some wardrobe options that are off limits, what exactly should you wear to a job interview?

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For women, appropriate clothes for a job interview include a conservative, neutral, solid color suit with a conservative blouse is a great option. The skirt should not be too short or tight. Dress pants are also an excellent choice if they are not too tight and are the right length.

Though spike heels make your legs look fantastic, the best choice in shoes for the interview setting is a more moderate heel height. Pantyhose should be worn, tan or light colors are best. Clean and well-kept nails, simple makeup, and conservative jewelry complete the ensemble of what to wear to a job interview.

What to wear to an interview (men)

Men might also wonder what to wear to a job interview. Male job applicants should stick with a dark, solid-colored suit with a white long-sleeved dress shirt and conservative tie. Dress shoes and socks should be dark in color. Jewelry should be limited to a watch and wedding ring. Hands and nails should be clean and well-kept.  Consider reading the Job Interview Dress Code.

In business or education fields, it is appropriate for both men and women to carry a portfolio or briefcase that is also conservative and businesslike. Hairstyles for both should be professional and neatly arranged.

For men, interviewers tend to lean toward clean-shaven applicants or those with very neatly trimmed facial hair. Less is more when it comes to aftershave and perfume. However, make sure you are freshly showered and are wearing deodorant.

Also, perform a quick breath check before the interview or give yourself a shot of breath spray. Follow these tips on what to wear to a job interview in order to give yourself an advantage over the competition by putting your best foot forward.

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by Don Georgevich

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