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When is it Appropriate to Bring Up Salary Requirements?

When is it appropriate to talk about salary?

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Most of these positions job seekers apply to do not state salary. so many people ask if it’s inappropriate to ask what the salary range is BEFORE the initial interview?

I like to get this out of the way when they first contact you for an interview.

Most of the time, that was one of my first questions I had to prospective employers when they first called me. And I would simply say, “can you tell me salary range for this position?” Sometimes they would know and other times they would not. If their range was too low, then I might pass on the interview. If they did not know at the time, I would generally accept the interview.

But I like to get this out of the way as soon as possible so I know what to expect.

But if you don’t bring it up when they first call you, I would wait until the end of the first interview to find out what the job is paying, this if they haven’t already told you. Bringing it up when you first meet them is generally not a good idea because it shows you are focused on money instead of what you an do for them.

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by Don Georgevich

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