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Why did you change your major?

Here’s a question I recently received from one of my customers:  “I when to a medical assistant school and I am applying for account receivable position if the interviewer ask me why I didn’t continue in medical assistant care I am stuck here. pls help.”

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Don’s answer to why did you change your major

It’s not uncommon for people to change their major – it happens all the time.  I don’t really think you are too off-base, going from medical assistant to AR – it’ s not that big of a change.  I would not worry too much about this question because it’s not going to make or break your interview.  I think your best course of action is to tell them your true reasons for not continuing.

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You could easily tell them that after spending x amount of years in medical assistant school, you realized it’s not the right career path for you at this time.  You may consider it at another time in your life, but you’re your happy with your current decision.  Whatever your answer, keep it short and move on. Avoid talking in circles about your decision because the more you keep talking about it, the more doubt your interviewer will have about you.


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by Don Georgevich

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