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Interview Answer Accelerator Program

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A note from Don:

“I’m looking forward to reviewing your answers to some of the toughest behavioral and identity questions you are going to face in your job search.  I'm going to show you the mistakes you are making in your answers and how you can improve them so you can be certain you are projecting the RIGHT image of yourself to prospective employers.  On the other hand, if your answers are spot-on, I'll let you that, too.  I'm confident the Interview Answer Accelerator Program will help you to MARKET yourself as a high-value candidate in any job market.

Today’s the day you'll finally learn whether your answers are making the grade!”

– Don


Here's how this program works:

  • Select an answer from the provided list of behavioral and identity questions
  • Answer the questions the way you think you should
  • Email your answers to me using the special email address you'll receive
  • I'll personally grade your answers and run them through a multi-point inspection and send you back a graded report
  • If you want to go off the board and send me your answers to different questions, that is perfectly okay


Read Your 7-Point Program Overview, Then Register Below!


1. YES, I understand there are only 25 available seats, so it’s important that I act now before registration closes!

2. YES, please enroll me in the Interview Answer Accelerator Program with Don. I understand this is a comprehensive review of how I answer behavioral and identity questions and is designed to quickly improve my ability to answer interview questions.

3. I understand this program will protect me from saying the wrong thing or giving the wrong answer during my interviews.

4. I understand this program is NOT meant to teach me how to answer interview questions, but to validate my answers to various behavioral and identity questions.

5. I have read the Complete Interview Answer Guide or equivalent and have some idea what I'm doing when answering interview questions, but I'm not completely confident with my answers.

6. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I understand this program is not a physical product, but a review of my answers to common behavioral and identity questions and that requesting a refund or partial refund on my own work or how Don grades my answers is asking a lot and therefore understand refunds are not available.  I also understand that Don is very fair and if I have a problem or I'm unsatisfied that Don will not waive this disclaimer in my face, but work with me towards a mutually beneficial resolution to address my concerns.

7. BONUS #1: EXTRA ANSWERS REVIEWED. (Valued up to: $97 ) When you are one of the first 8 students to enroll in the program, I will increase the amount of answers I'll review for you by 3, 5 or 9 depending on the level you join at.

SURPRISE BONUS ANNOUNCEMENT: From Don: "I didn't announce this in the video. I just wanted to begin our relationship by surprising you and over-delivering value. Though not an official part of the program, if you want to ask me for advice on how you should handle certain situations (could be ANYTHING).   I'll do it, but it counts as 5 questions. Past customers have always enjoyed the value in asking my advice and I have a hard time saying no, but I have to account for my time somehow, so trading 5 questions from your allotted amount has been working very well right now.

– Don

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  • Q.Can I purchase this program for someone else?

    A.Yes you can.  Complete the purchase and then forward the registration email you receive to the person you would like to enroll.

  • Q.How long does it take to get my questions reviewed or answered?

    A.Generally it takes 1-2 days, but officially, 2-5 days.

  • Q.Can I ask you questions that are not on the provided list?

    A.Yes, sort of.  If you need help with your answers to interview questions, you can send me any questions along with how you think you should answer them. If you have questions about your situation that require my advice, and you want to me to advise you on what you should do, then yes, but advice questions count as 5 questions from your allotted amount.

  • Q.Do you offer refunds?

    A.I do not offer refunds on your graded answers.  Nor do I offer partial refunds on unused answers.

  • Q.Do I have to use all of the questions at one time?

    A.If you purchased the Starter program, then yes, you must submit all 7 answers to me at once.  But that could be today, 30 days from now or even longer.  If you purchased any of the higher level programs, then you can send them to me in blocks of 7 when you are ready.

  • Q.Will my unused questions expire?

    A.Officially they will expire in one year, but if you came to me 14 months later with questions I would not turn you away.

  • Q.How soon can I get started?

    A.If you ordered the program today, you could send me your questions/answers in the same day and I would have a response back to you within a few days.

  • Q.What if I needed an immediate response from you?

    A.If you have an immediate need, let me know and I’ll do my very best to get your questions answered or your answers graded in the same day.

  • Q.How does this program work?

    A.This page explains how the program works.  Just scroll up.

  • Q.What if I have a question before I place my order and I can't find and answer on this page?

    A.You can contact me here: Email Me