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It looks like you don't have access to Priority Support.  If you have questions for Don, you can still send them using the standard support form above.

If you have questions for Don and you need a reply as soon as possible, then consider upgrading to Priority Support at the monthly rate of $25/month.  If you need Don's help today, registering will be well worth your time and money.

Priority Support gives you First Class email access to Don while you are searching and interviewing for jobs.

It's perfect for when you need...

  • Need help coming up with a good answer for a difficult question.
  • Have a big interview and need an outside perspective.
  • Need to bounce an idea off me, or
  • You need Don to review your answers to specific interview questions.
  • Your email goes to my Priority Inbox and you'll get a speedy reply from Me (usually within 4 hours)

Whatever you need help with, I'm here for you.

Priority Support is billed at the monthly rate of $25/mo. and you can cancel at anytime.  This is my highest level of support and you can email with up to 10 questions each month.  You can ask me questions about your job search or how to answer specific interview questions.

I'll personally reply to you within the same day, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST. This level of support does not include consultations on the phone and resume reviews.  But if you need to speak with me or need your resume reviewed, let me know and I'll send more information on those programs.

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