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ďFinally, an Affiliate Program that Generously
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Your PayPal Account Every Month!Ē

"Our Affiliate Program actually pays you more than running
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Don Georgevich is one of the nation's leading job interview strategists. Job Interview Tools offers a complete line of interviewing resources including the Complete Interview Answer Guide, How to Write Perfect Thank You Letters, and the Resume Masterpiece, as well as, resume critiques, resume writing, and job interview coaching.

With Their Own Money, Not Yours!

Let me explain.

I take my affiliates and their hard work very seriously. If you send visitors to my website, it is my duty as your marketing partner to do everything I can to turn those hard-earned visitors into commission dollars. You've got mouths to feed too, after all.

So before I ever even signed up my first affiliate, I took my own medicine. I bought traffic on Google AdWords with my own money (not someone else's) and spent no less than three months tweaking, fine tuning and improving my sales letter, my price points and my product offer.

I even had it ruthlessly critiqued by several world-class copywriters, just to make sure it would attract new customers like a 480-volt electromagnet. Why did I do this? So that when affiliates like you start sending me traffic, you can be assured that those visitors have the highest possible chance of resulting in a sale for you.

In-House Customer Sales Support

Job Interview Tools is one of the few, if not the only, interview preparation company who actually answers their phone to support inbound sales calls. This is good news for affiliates, because this added personal touch is more likely to improve sales conversions for affiliates.

Job Interview Tools is also the only interview preparation company to truly put their name on what they are offering by giving out a phone number for customers to call, which is unheard of in the on-line world of Internet Marketing. We also answer customer emails and use video to improve conversions. Affiliates have access to real-time statistics on sales, and payment information.

You Make More Money Because I did my Homework First

What that means is now my affiliates are getting paid handsomely for the traffic they send me. If the visitors you send are looking for help with job interviewing, then our products sell.

If you send us high quality traffic, we get you high quality results. Compare that to anyone else, anywhere else. Most affiliate programs don't pay nearly what you'll make per visitor!

Now of course I can't guarantee what YOU will make, because I have no control over the kind of people you send. But I can assure you if you send people who are looking for answers to job interview questions, need interview preparation help, strategy advice, resume help, or interview coaching, then I seriously doubt there's a better site to send 'em to.

We Pay Commission Every Month

We pay you with PayPal once a month ($100 minimum payout). You don't have to wait six or eight weeks for the dollars to come back to you!

We currently donít issue charge backs, which means if one of your visitors makes a purchase, and then requests a refund within 120 days, you still get to keep the commission. I donít know of any other affiliate program on the planet who operates this way. I do it this way because Iím extremely confident in my product and when job seekers buy my stuff, they quickly realize they are getting way more than they paid for and hardly ever request a refund.

Performance-Tested and Proven Headlines and Copy

In your affiliate startup info, you'll get words, phrases and paragraphs that will compel people to click on your links and come to the site. You'll get maximum traction on your website, your email newsletter and however else you choose to advertise.

We Support You with Hard-Coded "theft-proof" Links

All the affiliate links are theft-proof, hard-coded affiliate links, that donít look like affiliate links. When one of your visitors clicks your affiliate link and lands on my site, all they see in their address bar is:, and they never see the actual affiliate link. Affiliate tracking is valid for 90 days, so if one of your visitors clicks your affiliate link but does not buy right away, youíll still get credit for the sale for up to 90 days. Helps you sell more.

So Here's the deal:

You get 39 - 50% commission, depending on the product.

These products are also combined with higher lever job coaching offers, that will be treated as basic instant download sales when commissions are paid.

I pour a lot of myself into these products. They have real, hard-core tips and advice. They have personality. You get to sell the highest-quality, information-rich tools and books that all have a unique twist and identity - not like all those junky Click Bank interview e-books.

The Fine Print

Yeah, there are some formalities we need to get out of the way:

The details of this agreement may be revised at the discretion of Job Interview Tools.

All affiliate applications are subject to approval.

Promoting via Email: Use of my affiliate program in conjunction with any form of spam, rented email lists or anything other than your own opt-in customers who have an established relationship with you, is absolutely, strictly forbidden.

Promoting via eBay: Use of my affiliate program or resale of my materials in conjunction with eBay or any other auction sites is also strictly forbidden.

Such use - either via auction sites or abuse or misuse of e-mail - will result in termination of your account and forfeiture of any commissions.

Also, we don't pay commissions on products you buy through your own affiliate link. That wouldn't be fair to the person who referred you.

If you are an experienced affiliate looking for information about our program, please contact us directly at:
1-440-655-1725 or email us.


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